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Understanding MD Pay The gender salary gap continues in most every occupation, and MD pay is included. While experts try to pin down the reason the salary disparity still exists, women can try to close the gap with every job change.
Medical Residency, ERAS, NRMP, the Residency Match and the SOAP Before you can be licensed as a physician, you must transition from medical school, through the Match, into an internship and a medical residency program – a sort of on-the-job training for doctors.
Raising Children During Medical Residency There's a lot of discussion out there on how to manage pregnancy and new motherhood during residency training. But what comes next?
Tips for successful breastfeeding when a doctor or in medical school In many ways breastfeeding your child is more than a feeding choice, it is a lifestyle commitment.

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With over 9,000 community members, MomMD is the largest and best site devoted to women in medicine.

Our goal is to encourage and support women physicians, residents, medical students, premeds and nurses not only in their careers but also in life and home.


The challenges facing women physicians can appear daunting, but as our numbers grow healthcare institutions are beginning to recognize that they need to change. Our physician resources are built with dr mom and mom MD in mind.

Medical Students

  • USMLE - U.S. medical licensing exam information for all three steps for allopathic medical students.
  • COMLEX - medical licensing exam information for osteopathic medical students.
  • Residency match - building up to the March match day.
  • USMLE practice questions - 60 questions with anotated answers provided by Kaplan Medical.
  • Residency personal statements - among the most important components of your residency application.
  • USMLE forum - get advice and give advice



  • RN jobs - free listing of RN, LVN, LPN and CNA jobs.
  • Nursing salaries - recent data on pay trends and amounts for all nursing levels.
  • Travel nursing jobs - the benefits and issues with short-term nursing jobs.
  • Nursing forum - a discussion board specifically for nurses and nursing students.



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