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    • Pregnancy during intern year
    • Congrats! Such an exciting time :) I had number 1 at the end of intern year. I did the double white-coat pocket method: one pocket for water bottle and the other for tons of snacks. The constant grazing and steady hydration was helpful with the morning sickness and dizziness. Also, I told my attendings I was pregnant and had not been feeling well, which helped for the couple times I needed to step out or sit down during rounds. Luckily second trimester is usually much easier, so hopefully you...
    • Last post by lolaMD
    • Can MD moms have it all??
    • Welcome! I have not been in that situation, but I imagine the first place to start would be at your old residency because they already know you. When you left residency, did you take a leave of absence, or did you quit? Did you finish step 3 (because there is a deadline for that)? There are working doctors out there who have only completed internship, but it is becoming harder and harder for people to get a good job without completing a whole residency (unless they are mid-levels, but I...
    • Last post by sahmd
    • Starting salary for part-time pediatricians
    • I'm a 4th year medical student and I am really interested in general pediatrics. However, I am worried about salaries. My tentative plan is to do residency and work part-time for the first few years of my career since I'd like to have kids then. I was wondering if anyone knows the starting salary for a part-time pediatrician. I'm having trouble finding this specific information online and I don't know any part-time general pediatricians. Furthermore, websites like glassdoor, indeed etc all give...
    • Last post by ricexcake02
    • Motivated and yet still scared... RN to MD
    • I don't want to be discouraging, but you might want to re-think switching from nursing to medicine. You have a career but if you hate it--you might not like medicine any more. Your regular life interfered with getting an A in chemistry. If your regular life interferes with medical school or residency, no slack is cut. Although things are supposed to be easier these days, i tend to doubt it. Medicine is an age-old "boys club"--and pretty hard on women--especially if the woman has any...
    • Last post by Elisa Matthews

Family Medicine Jobs in Memphis, Tennessee

Family Medicine jobs in Memphis usually include as a stipulation Family Medicine board certification (or eligibility) and an active Tennessee license to practice medicine. Completing a Family Medicine residency or fellowship in Tennessee is advantageous because it implies the physician is cognizant of TN BCBS and Medicaid procedures.

Family Medicine salaries for the south region of the U.S., including Memphis, TN, run around $195,941. By comparison the national average Family Medicine salary is $197,655, meaning Family Medicine jobs in Memphis pay around 99.1% of the national norm.

Thanks to unique insurance and liability laws of Tennessee, attention should be paid to topics like malpractice tail insurance.

Moreover, the effect of the healthcare reform bill on income for Family Medicine practices is unknown.

Major well-rated Family Medicine employers in Memphis, TN include:

RTE 1 BOX 53
MEMPHIS , MO 63555
MEMPHIS , TN 38103
MEMPHIS , TN 38118

Other physician job resources:

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