I think it's great that you're so idealistic and optimistic...

That said, in my ideal world, I'd have the time to learn Spanish... but frankly, it's just one of a hundred things on my list of things to do... and with 2 kids, job, etc, I just don't have the time, so I'll just have to deal with that myself. I don't think it should be necessary that we all need to learn spanish. (it'd be nice, but we shouldn't expect it)

And obviously, I know that this issue doesn't just affect the medical side... I just wanted us to focus on that aspect since the topic in itself is so broad and affects every part of our lives.

I do think that if we're going to allow everyone to stay whether they're legal or not... and they are in the lowest paying jobs... their options for healthcare are limited; do we need to start going ahead and offering them preventive care, routine check-ups, etc... so that we don't face more cost by their trips to the ER, chronic diseases in the future, etc?

I think like most Americans, I'm kinda in the middle on this topic. Obviously, illegal immigrants contribute a lot to our society... whether it evens out all the negative impact, I honestly don't know.