Today was a much better day. smile Since it was the weekend, there were no official rounds and no lectures. I had time to actually chat with my patients and their families. I had time to think through my plan and look up details. I had time to ponder the TPN orders. shocked Yeah, I'm still pretty slow, but getting better.

I also remembered to bring a couple of dollars so when the coffee cart came by and it was 1pm and I hadn't had lunch I was able to buy some PB crackers! It's the little things that matter when you're working this hard...

I finally got my lunch at 3:45pm when I also had the good fortune to meet a fellow MomMD. laugh I really enjoyed talking with her. Hope she wasn't too disappointed in the real TR! laugh

I confess I'm still exhuasted. I could have fallen asleep the minute I got home today. The only thing keeping me awake was the desire to hang out with my family. Don't know if I'll make it much past 8pm though!

We'll see if this renewed organization and planning helps me survive my next call on Wednesday.

Hubby is taking the kids to my parents on Fri July 4th. I'm alone for the holiday, but working. So, I guess it doesn't matter much. He'll be back Saturday night and I'm off on Sunday. That'll be weird, the 2 of us alone in the house on the weekend. It's been a year since that happened. This time we'll have something like 3 weekends without the kids. crazy.

Wish me a better week!
"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you."