Hopefully someone gets something from this diary that I am attempting to write.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in my room at my typewriter doing my college applications. My mother walked into the room as told me, "If I do not apply to XYZ school, I would not receive their support financially. That through me for a loop. :boggled: Here I was getting good grades in school, schools were recruiting me, some even gave me partial scholarships to attend but my parents did not see that. I am still not sure what it was but they were being directed by a higher power. I finally got over my shock and ended up going to XYZ school. Financially it was a struggle, I am paying for it now. But the experience was phenomonal. smile Since I was still mad I did not do very well my first semester freshman year, I only had a 2.9 GPA :banghead: (First semester of college makes the biggest impression on your GPA) But all the things I was able to do made the school stick to me. I personally did not think this school could offer me very much, but there were more opportunities than I could imagine.

After being involved in many opportunities, it gave me the motivation to do better. By second semester and every semester on I had no less than a 3.5 GPA.

But all in all I was still naive. I knew nothing about the whole medical school process. I knew the basics. Take the MCAT, apply, do volunteer work... But I now personally believe that there is more to it. Especially for the MCAT. By the summer of my sophomore year I took the MCAT without any real direction. The score :censored: would not have given me a chance at looking at medical school I will just say that. Bu t since I took it early I was able to take it again. Not something you want to do. But to achieve purpose you do...