A little bit of background:
I am a Spanish major, working on fulfilling my science requirements. I am done with biology requirements, and I have done pretty well in that section and Verbal reasoning in practice tests (around 10 in each almost every time). So I feel fairly comfortable with those sections (still planning on continuing to study Biology and keep up on VR practice). I have not taken Organic Chemistry yet though, and I won't be able to take it until this summer. I will take the first term this summer, the second in the fall, and the third in the winter quarter.

I would like to take the MCAT in the spring, and apply to schools in June to give myself an advantage by getting my app in right away, but I am nervous about taking the MCAT in the spring before having taken Organic Chemistry. I will be in my third term of General Chem at that time, so i will have a pretty solid foundation of general chem concepts (which, from looking at practice material is a sizeable amount of the chemistry content?) Am I crazy to think I can get a good/competitive score in the spring before having taken Ochem? Should I wait until August to do the MCAT after having taken at least one term of OChem and apply right after getting my MCAT scores in late August early September, and put myself at the disadvantage of applying "late"?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone.
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