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#83972 - 02/21/12 05:08 PM Re: Planning a baby for mid-M2 with stay-at-home dad [Re: tr_]
AmmaMD Offline
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Call rooms are the *best* places to pump; empty exam rooms also work really well. I've used storage rooms that staff just set up for me with a chair and a sign to put on the door, too.

General tips:
-- ask staff in whatever location you're working - they know all the little rooms and basically run things, generally, and are usually sympathetic and helpful, I've found! Don't just assume if you can't think of a place there's not one!
-- if pumping in an unlockable room (eg an exam room), push a chair or something in front of the door. even if it's not heavy enough to stop it from opening, it will give someone pause enough for you to say "occupied!" or something. This is a tip an attending taught me =).

I've pumped through 3rd year surgery rotations, a dozen out of town residency interviews and intern year ward medicine months. It's doable almost anywhere!

#83976 - 02/21/12 08:03 PM Re: Planning a baby for mid-M2 with stay-at-home dad [Re: AmmaMD]
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Thanks so much to everyone to for the info! This advice has been AMAZING!! I've been reading, but there is just so much information there that I suspect it's going to take me some time. Silly med school, making me study biochem instead of reading far more interesting stuff about breastfeeding!

I really, really appreciate all of the tips and tricks! It sounds like the first 6-8months (in class) may actually be a bit more challenging than once I get onto the wards, since there are no supply rooms, offices or exam rooms to duck into. Still, you ladies have given me quite a confidence boost!

I love my dog and my chickens. They are much less demanding than professors or patients.

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