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#88418 - 01/26/13 06:08 PM Lucina Melodi breast pump
bluebird Offline

Registered: 01/31/12
Posts: 18
Has anyone used this pump? The insurance company says they'll rent me this pump (hospital-grade and made by the Genadyne, the wound vac company). Does anyone have hands-on experience with this pump? Any tips I should know about? I'll be using it between lectures (I'm currently an M2 and due in March), as well as during Step 1 and M3 rotations.

Thanks in advance!

Here's the website:
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#88422 - 01/26/13 07:18 PM Re: Lucina Melodi breast pump [Re: bluebird]
southernmd Offline
Super Elite Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 1418
I have not, but this is the pump I used.

It was great, and I was an average producer. I exclusively pumped from 5 months of my baby's life til 10 months of his life and still stored 13 weeks of breastmilk (enough feeds for each day to last 13 weeks) in a deep freezer.

I was able to start pump and pack up within about 15 minutes. I thought it did an exceptional job, and a big part of why I liked it was I could pump both breasts at the same time.

Can't tell if your pump does that or not, but I highly recommend getting one that does bc it saves a ton of time.

I carried my pump with extra parts and bottles in a ice packed carrier that fit in a backpack that came with it. It was an excellent investment.

#88423 - 01/26/13 07:19 PM Re: Lucina Melodi breast pump [Re: bluebird]
southernmd Offline
Super Elite Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 1418
When I say exclusive pumped I mean my baby wouldn't breastfeed from my breast starting at 5 mo of his life. So I pumped every 3 hours around the clock until he was 10 months.