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TOPIC: D.O.s and Future D.O.s

D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 11 months ago #56214

  • MomMD
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Hi there,

Even though we are MomMD, I'd love to start a thread for all the D.O.s to get connected.

Who is there? What do you love about osteopathic medicine?

President, MomMD<br />Connecting Women in Medicine - Welcome all physicians, resident physicians, medical students and premedical students!
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Re: D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 11 months ago #56215

  • erin
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I'm a future D.O.! I will be starting my third year rotations this fall. I do love osteopathic medicine, but I haven't quite figured out how much we differ from our allopathic counterparts. We do OMM which has been fascinating to learn, but not all osteopaths do that. It will be interesting to get out in a hospital and work alongside allopaths. Maybe then I will see if our view of medicine is different or not!
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Re: D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 11 months ago #56216

  • Gennafer
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I am only pre med but, hope to become a DO. I work with DOs and MDs.

What really impresses me about the center where I work and the DOs, (although all the PCPs are women there,) is that they treat the whole patient. They give so much attention to preventitive and caring for the whole person not just the symptoms of the day.

This feels like old time small town doctors. These doctors know thier patients, know their patients medical history and their patients come in regularly, (most of them,) for their yearly physicals and know thier doctors know them.

One of our newest doctors came to our center a year ago and many of her patients came with her. They've said they would follow her wherever she goes.

There is a strong familial connection I think.

This fits in exactly with my hopes of trbial/rural community health.

It makes so much sense that it is simple in that if you don't know your patient's general health how are you going to know how wrong or out of place something is if you don't know their average.

I do work with MDs also and they seem just as committed to their patients. Could be that I am very lucky where I work, (I know it!)

p.s. of course, I'm not even near med school yet
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Re: D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 11 months ago #56217

  • osprey
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I'm an MD. I had the great fortune of attending a truly amazing family practice residency program at a county hospital in which we residents got to do nearly anything and everything and we all had free housing adjacent to our hospital (bonus)--so we were really bonded. Anyway, although my program was allopathic (MD), many of the residents were from a nearby DO school.

There really wasn't much difference between the MDs and the DOs, except that the DOs do the manipulation therapy. Which is not covered by insurance, which is great in some ways (fee for service--you don't have to wait for payments to come in from insurance companies).

Anyway, in terms of abilities and interests, we were all quite similar.
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Re: D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 11 months ago #56218


great message, but manipulation is covered by insuarance companies. i believe there's a flat evaluation fee, and then you charge per number of techniques that u do. i have to find the chart online that breaks it down.
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Re: D.O.s and Future D.O.s 10 years 10 months ago #56219

  • rydys
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I'm an MD but have great respect for DOs. I haven't found much difference between MDs and DOs except for manipulation. In my residency we had several DOs, some of whom were very into manipulations. When i was senior on our peds floor, my friend who was my second year held "osteopathic rounds" every few days. She also taught me some basic manipulations for things like ear infections and sinusitis which I have been able to teach to some of the parents I have dealt with. The techniques are easy and really work! Whenever a patient asks me about chiropractics I tell them to find a DO instead because they have the medical background as well as doing manipulations. My only problem has been finding DOs in my area who practice osteopathics!
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