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Prepare for the Big Test: MCAT Prep Tools

The word MCAT strikes fear in many of the most able premeds, as poor MCAT prep can separate you from your dream of becoming a doctor. Most medical schools require you to take the MCAT for consideration and the MCAT plays a very important role in the admissions process. Use the MCAT prep resources below to help you do well on the Big Test.

For the best chance of success on the MCAT you will need to prepare, prepare, prepare. Know the basic facts about the MCAT, build your MCAT prep plan of attack, study, and refine your testing skills.

To improve score success some people take MCAT prep courses, such as those linked below. The following resources explore MCAT prep in more detail.

Before You Begin Your MCAT Prep

MCAT Prep: Articles, Tools and Resources for MCAT Prep and for Improving Your Score

  • A high-level look at Preparing for the MCAT
  • Use MCAT Flashcards and the Leitner System to master the information you need to know for success on the MCAT.
  • MCAT Prep Courses: Are they necessary?
  • Find practice tests and other important MCAT prep information through the AAMC MCAT home page
  • Order the ExamKrackers MCAT Complete Study Package for comprehensing at-home MCAT prep
  • Find review courses and other MCAT test taking tips at Kaplan.
  • Find review courses and other MCAT test taking tips at Princeton Review.
  • Recommended MCAT books

Important Things To Consider During MCAT Prep

  • MCAT Registration
  • MCAT CBT Test (MCAT Computer Based Test)
  • Minority Programs: Med-MAR (Medical Minority Applicant Registry)
  • Using AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) to submit your medical school application
  • Find testing schedules, registration deadlines and other important MCAT details through the AAMC
  • Insights about the MCAT from an admissions expert, including average MCAT scores, what are considered competitive MCAT scores, and more.

MCAT Study Pals

Review all the MomMD medical school admissions resources.

MCAT Prep Resources

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