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    • I am sorry you are going through so much in your marriage. I am married to an engineer, and I am happy in my marriage. It's true engineers are very smart, and laid back. My husband is very understanding of my schedule no matter what. Not once he complained to me about not spending enough quality time together. If anything, he is always encouraging, telling me things will get better, you do what you gotta do. Let me be brutally honest with you. I think you are attracted to the surgeon because...
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    • Part-Time Job Opportunity for OB/GYN physicians
    • Let me introduce our rural OB/GYN practice - Brown County Women's Health (Not-For-Profit Corp), located in Georgetown, OH, about 42 miles southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio. (www.bcwh.org) We have a two female physician (FACOG) practice with over 60 years of combined experience in OB/GYN that desires to add another female Part-Time physician to our staff. Part-Time would be two to three days in office and on call per week, making it ideal for Part-Time Moms. Our practice is located in a rural...
    • Last post by Judith V
    • Women and Co-occurring Disorders
    • Gender equality has been a hot topic for many years. Discussions about equal compensation, treatment in the workplace, and healthcare have been prevalent in our society for generations. Within the drug addiction and mental health treatment industry, patient care for the genders is taken quite seriously, and attention to specific gender related diagnoses are taken into careful consideration. Men and women are different. There are predispositions for certain disorders that are more prevalent...
    • Last post by Justin Rose

Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics Jobs in Oakland, California

Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics jobs in Oakland most often include as a requirement Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics board certification (or eligibility) and a current California medical license. Completing an Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics residency or fellowship in California is often helpful because it suggests the physician is cognizant of CA Medicaid policies.

Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics salaries for the west region of the U.S., including Oakland, CA, run around $0. On the other hand the country's average Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics salary is $424,367, meaning Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics jobs in Oakland pay approximately % of the national mean.

Because of specific insurance and liability laws of California, care should be taken to address issues like malpractice tail insurance.

Equally important, the effect of the healthcare reform bill on income for Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics practices is unknown.

Major well-rated Orthopedic Surgery - Pediatrics employers in Oakland, CA include:

1411 E 31ST ST
OAKLAND , CA 94602
OAKLAND , MD 21550
OAKLAND , NE 68045

Other physician job resources:

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