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    • Pregnancy Leave Intern Year
    • Two weeks maternity leave is totally unreasonable; unfortunately I don't think your program's position is that unusual. The refusal to let you use vacation time for mat leave is irritating, but presumably the vacation schedules have already been set for the year, to coincide with electives. I can see the administration not wanting to upend everyone else's schedule to accommodate you. If you can negotiate a swap as ctenj suggested you may be in a better position to request this. And I think...
    • Last post by tr_
    • Can MD moms have it all??
    • Welcome! I have not been in that situation, but I imagine the first place to start would be at your old residency because they already know you. When you left residency, did you take a leave of absence, or did you quit? Did you finish step 3 (because there is a deadline for that)? There are working doctors out there who have only completed internship, but it is becoming harder and harder for people to get a good job without completing a whole residency (unless they are mid-levels, but I...
    • Last post by sahmd
    • Baby during MS2?
    • So when would you take Step 1, if you took it early? (I didn't know that taking it early was an option.) Here is a recent discussion about another medical student who wanted to have a baby in 2nd year. It is not exactly the same as your situation, but you may get some ideas from it: www.mommd.com/forums/family-amp-parentin...-through-second-year
    • Last post by sahmd
    • Anyone out there have difficulties with math?
    • Hey Ladies and Moms, I am currently a mom of two finishing my first semester of college with a 4.0 so far after being out of school for 7 years (dropping out getting my GED). I am deciding to also take summer courses to knock out some electives and gen ed classes. My struggle is I have to take the math placement exam in 3 weeks, which I expect to do very poorly on. I was I little rebel and had my first child, so didn't go past the 10th grade. My husband(nurse) says if I can't even score into...
    • Last post by rem1425

Pediatric Intensive Care Jobs in Buffalo, New York

Pediatric Intensive Care jobs in Buffalo typically have as a stipulation Pediatric Intensive Care board certification (or eligibility) and an active New York medical license. Doing a Pediatric Intensive Care residency or fellowship in New York is beneficial because it implies the physician is aware of NY licensure requirements.

Pediatric Intensive Care salaries for the east region of the U.S., including Buffalo, NY, average around $233,415. By comparison the U.S. average Pediatric Intensive Care salary is $265,913, meaning Pediatric Intensive Care jobs in Buffalo pay about 87.8% of the national average.

Thanks to unusual insurance and liability laws of New York, care should be taken to address issues like insurance premiums.

More generally, the effect of the healthcare reform bill on reimbursement rates for Pediatric Intensive Care practices is not yet obvious.

Major well-rated Pediatric Intensive Care employers in Buffalo, NY include:

BUFFALO , MN 55313
BUFFALO , NY 14203
BUFFALO , NY 14215

Other physician job resources:

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