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    • Marriage Regrets
    • Anne, I know just what you are feeling, I 've seen this happen in a lot of people especially first year resident friends married to non-docs. The unbelievable stress & long hours really take a toll on you, I'd advice you to stick to counselling and wait out till you are done with residency. Its very easy to transfer the stress and look for comfort in people in similar situations. I don't know what the psychological term is but its similar to 'transference' between a doc & patient. You find...
    • Last post by movegirl2011
    • Can MD moms have it all??
    • HI tk13MD, I'm a bit late to the discussion, and a newbie here too. I think there are many non clinical jobs that a MD with your background can do. As sahmd said you can try first at your old residency, but if you prefer a more flexible schedule you can try for public health jobs. Someone would Business management experience would be very good at health management jobs, you could complete an MPH (Masters in public health - some are offered online) and look around your local department of...
    • Last post by movegirl2011
    • Coping after difficult patient care
    • I'm sure everybody who takes care of children with chronic illnesses feels some very negative feelings. It is part of being human. I would worry if you *didn't* feel those things. I am no psychiatrist, so take what I say with a grain of salt. When it comes to feelings, I think you have two choices: either work through the feelings directly, or do something unrelated to cope with the stress. Jogging seems like a very healthy way to relieve your stress, and I'm sure it is a lot better for you...
    • Last post by sahmd
    • Getting worried about interviews
    • There is a list on the MCAT website of common medical school interview questions if you go to the blog at the bottom. There are also free MCAT practice questions on the website.
    • Last post by MCAT-MVP

Pulmonary Disease Jobs in Toledo, Ohio

Pulmonary Disease jobs in Toledo most often include as a stipulation Pulmonary Disease board certification (or eligibility) and an active Ohio license to practice medicine. Having done a Pulmonary Disease residency or fellowship in Ohio is advantageous because it means the physician is familiar with OH BCBS and Medicaid procedures.

Pulmonary Disease salaries for the north region of the U.S., including Toledo, OH, are around $294,101. In contrast the national average Pulmonary Disease salary is $278,000, meaning Pulmonary Disease jobs in Toledo pay around 105.8% of the national average.

Given the specific insurance and liability laws of Ohio, effort should be made to explore issues like state tort reform proposals.

Equally important, the effect of the federal PPAC Act on income for Pulmonary Disease practices is unknown.

Major well-rated Pulmonary Disease employers in Toledo, OH include:

TOLEDO , OH 43699
TOLEDO , OH 43606
TOLEDO , OH 43623

Other physician job resources:

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