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Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) Jobs in Buffalo, New York

Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) jobs in Buffalo typically have as a stipulation Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) board certification (or eligibility) and an active New York medical license. Doing a Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) residency or fellowship in New York is beneficial because it implies the physician is aware of NY licensure requirements.

Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) salaries for the east region of the U.S., including Buffalo, NY, average around $357,565. By comparison the U.S. average Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) salary is $413,518, meaning Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) jobs in Buffalo pay about 86.5% of the national average.

Thanks to unusual insurance and liability laws of New York, care should be taken to address issues like insurance premiums.

More generally, the effect of the healthcare reform bill on reimbursement rates for Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) practices is not yet obvious.

Major well-rated Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) employers in Buffalo, NY include:

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