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    • baby during MS3-MS4 and med school success
    • Wrote out a longer reply, but got deleted when I submitted! Too late to write much now, but a few thoughts. I will PM you at a later date too. 1. Congrats on the upcoming marriage! 2. Year off if you do research or pursue a second degree will not hurt your application. Year off "just" to have a baby will be looked at less favorably and may require some explaining/convincing that you're serious about your career and will not bail out/be irresponsible about your duties as a resident (but not...
    • Last post by ctenj
    • Hello
    • Hi my names Bailey. Just to tell you a little bit about myself I went to school off and on for a few years majoring in business Finance and later on figured out that the two piece suit and latter climbing wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I like helping people and I'm fairly empathetic to a point where it's a fault sometimes :) but I'm glad I figured it out now instead of later. Hopefully I can get plenty of good information about going into the medical field.
    • Last post by Dr.Bailey2020
    • Create a Greeting Card?
    • If you had to create a Holiday greeting card what would it like? Photo greeting cards are probably the most common printable greeting cards most people make. These cards basically have a photo on one side and a message on the other, or sometimes, on the photo itself. This is a really fun card to give out especially during Halloween, Christmas and New Year. You can place pictures of the holiday symbols and a small personal greeting. These photo cards are also great little souvenirs or keepsakes...
    • Last post by grace dan

Transplant Surgery - Liver Jobs in Toledo, Ohio

Transplant Surgery - Liver jobs in Toledo most often include as a stipulation Transplant Surgery - Liver board certification (or eligibility) and an active Ohio license to practice medicine. Having done a Transplant Surgery - Liver residency or fellowship in Ohio is advantageous because it means the physician is familiar with OH BCBS and Medicaid procedures.

Transplant Surgery - Liver salaries for the north region of the U.S., including Toledo, OH, are around $0. In contrast the national average Transplant Surgery - Liver salary is $433,333, meaning Transplant Surgery - Liver jobs in Toledo pay around % of the national average.

Given the specific insurance and liability laws of Ohio, effort should be made to explore issues like state tort reform proposals.

Equally important, the effect of the federal PPAC Act on income for Transplant Surgery - Liver practices is unknown.

Major well-rated Transplant Surgery - Liver employers in Toledo, OH include:

TOLEDO , OH 43606
TOLEDO , OH 43608
TOLEDO , OH 43623

Other physician job resources:

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