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Background information on MomMD

The unique, award-winning MomMD website was launched in August 1999, offering services and support to women in medicine. MomMD is the first and best Internet community connecting women, especially mothers, in medicine across the world. MomMD provides unique content, resources and information for women premedical and medical students, residents, physicians, as well as women considering medicine as a career. Members and experts share stories, experience, advice and information on a myriad of career and family issues, from breastfeeding, to setting-up a practice, part-time options and selecting premedical courses.

Our members are women who may be seeking jobs, purchasing medical equipment, preparing for exams, and purchasing other professional and consumer products. The typical MomMD visitor is educated, intelligent, hardworking, driven and, above all, wants to balance her career and home-life successfully.

With more women entering medicine and women now outnumbering men on the Web, MomMD offers advertisers a well-targeted, high-income, and, growing niche group of women. Members are both allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) students and physicians.

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We are pleased to be represented by e-HealthCareSolutions for all advertising on the site. Please contact them for ad quotes on this site. is an advertising-supported, privately held website. Banner and contextual advertising is provided through third-party companies, including e-Healthcaresolutions and Google.

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