MomMD Advisory Panel

MomMD Advisory Panel Members Include:

Geetanjali Dhillon, J.D. - Strategy & Business Development
Ms. Dhillon is an attorney, mother of two young children and founder of Pomegranate, an organization dedicated to helping women realize their highest potential. With over 10 years experience, Dhillon expresses her passion for empowering women through advocacy, civil rights litigation, personal coaching and workshops.

Judy Colwell, M.A. - Advisor Medical School Admission Services
Ms. Colwell spent the past ten years (1990 through 1999) as Assistant Director of Admissions at Stanford U. Medical School, including voting membership on the Admissions Committee. During this time she has made regular presentations to pre-med groups nationwide. She began her medical school admissions consulting business after leaving Stanford at the end of 1999, but still volunteers at Stanford as an Academic Advisor to undergraduate freshman/sophomores, most of whom are pre-meds, so is constantly in touch with the concerns of pre-meds. In addition, she has a graduate degree in counseling psychology, and was a biology major and pre-med student herself during her undergraduate years at Northwestern University.

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