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26 Weeks pregnant with twins: the challenges and benefits

26 Weeks pregnant with twins: the challenges and benefits

Without doubt, there is no greater feeling in the world, than the one knowing that you are going to be a mother soon. Knowing that you are going to give birth to twins is even more exciting. Each pregnancy week brings new changes and you cannot wait to see your babies and hold them in your arms. Let’s see what happens when are 26 weeks pregnant, the challenges and the benefits.

Baby development as you are approaching the 3rd trimester
Your babies are quite big by now and, during this pregnancy period, they will begin to open their eyes. Interestingly enough, your babies are going to begin distinguishing sounds. In the beginning, they will only be able to hear the sounds of low-frequency, responding to your heartbeat and also to the sounds that come from your tummy. However, in a very short period of time, they will be able to identify outside sounds, responding to the voices of other people and also to the sound of music in 26 weeks pregnant. That is quite great, isn’t it?

Challenges and things to be on the lookout for
It is a good idea to read the information regarding the pregnancy week by week, as it can help you familiarize yourself with what each trimester brings. Regarding challenges, you should prepare for the blood pressure to increase by a little bit. This is a normal occurrence, as the growing babies receive all their nutrients through the blood flow. However, you have to go to regular check-ups, as it is possible to suffer from a number of complications, such as pre-eclampsia.
Pre-eclampsia can be detected through routine checks, but you will have to pay attention to the symptoms yourself. If you are experiencing headaches, your vision becomes impaired (blurry) or your extremities are swollen, you should definitely pay a visit to the doctor. It is also possible to diagnose this complication with the help of urinalysis (proteins are present in the urine). The sooner you go to the doctor, the easier it will be to keep this problem under control and ensure that your babies are thriving and growing.

Vaginal infection can also occur during this period, so you need to get yourself tested. In the majority of cases, the bacterial culture demonstrates the presence of streptococcus. The doctor will probably recommend a topical treatment, in order to avoid any potential complications associated with such infections.

As it was already mentioned, pregnancy is a wonderful period and, as you are approaching your third trimester, you will definitely feel as such. By now, you have a beautiful bump, which everyone appreciates. When anyone asks you if you are having a boy or a girl, you will be able to give a surprise response: twins! You will start communicating with your babies, as they begin responding your sounds. Now it’s the right time to start reading or playing music, as such actions have been found to stimulate the in-womb development.

As your babies are more active now, you will definitely enjoy their movements. In fact, you will definitely cry with happiness, as you will feel them moving around in your tummy. The solid kicks will be appreciated by the father-to-be as well and you can imagine how surprised you are going to be to see their foot or elbow poking out. Sure enough, not all babies are incredibly active and you should not be scared. Talk to your midwife about the baby activity at this period and rest assured, as your pregnancy is progressing just fine.

With a growing bump and two happy babies on the way, this feels like the perfect moment to think about baby names. If you already know the gender of your babies, this process is going to be easier. If you prefer to wait until the birth to know the gender, then make sure to think about girl and boy names as well (with two pairs ready). The Internet is filled with baby name suggestions and there are even books that have been dedicated to this subject. Perhaps you will want your babies to bear the names of family members, so you can consider this alternative as well.

Each pregnancy period comes with a number of challenges and benefits. As you progress through the pregnancy, it is important to enjoy the benefits and work out the challenges. No panic, no stress. Your babies need you relaxed so that they can thrive and develop. Smile, do only the things that relax you and do not hesitate to take photographs of your growing bump. Soon, you will have those two out and you will not be able to believe that they were inside you. Throughout time, you will cherish these photos, as they will remind you of the beautiful pregnancy period.


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