Secret Life of an Ob/Gyn

I have been in practice for nearly 25 years and although medicine has changed quite a bit over this time, the one element that I hope to keep sacred is the doctor – patient relationship.

I have the honor to be involved with people in such an intimate way, trusted with their secrets, trusted with their lives. My stories are about how my patients have changed me, how their stories live on and how this fundamental relationship in medicine must be saved and cherished.
Andrea Eisenberg has been an obstetrician/gynecologist in the Metro Detroit area for nearly 25 years. Through her many years in women’s health, she has shared in countless intimate moments of her patients, and shared in their joys, heartaches, secrets, losses and victories. In her writing, she captures the human side of medicine and what doctors think and feel in caring for patients. She has documented these stories on her blog. She has been a contributor in Intima, A Journal of Narrative Medicine and Pulse, Voices From the Heart of Medicine. Andrea is also a guest rotating blogger on KevinMD and Doximity, and a contributing author for BBN Times.

After Birth

After Birth
For days on end, she looked out of the bedroom window, rocking her baby back and forth on her glider. The maple tree waved at her daily as the breeze came through its branches. Gradually, the leaves made their annual change from green to red and orange and yellow. She watched as the leaves transformed, jealous of their seamless change as she struggled to make her own transition to motherhood.   Eventually, the leaves turned brown and one by one, fell to the ground, allowing the tree to gather energy from within to make it through the cold winter. She wondered whether she would ever have ......
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Stories Beneath the Scars

Stories Beneath the Scars
Scars. We all have scars. Some are visible to all, some are hidden behind our clothes, some are only found in the deepest recesses of our heart. Some people perceive them as an embarrassment or a time of hardship better left in the closet. But I see scars as a badge of honor, representing a battle fought and won, and a moment of strength and resiliency.   When I see patients, especially for the first time, there is only so much information I can garner through forms they fill out and our conversation before their physical exam. The limited time I have with each patient makes these channe......
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