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Jackie Huntly, MD is the Founder and President of Thrive to Lead MD. She is a life and career coach for physicians. She works with physicians who are looking to bring energy, purpose, passion, and joy into all domains of their career and life. She brings warmth, enthusiasm and total dedication to helping her clients discover exciting and innovative ways to create lives that fulfill and inspire them, both professionally and personally.
Dr. Huntly coaches physicians who want to:
Rediscover their passion and purpose in medicine.
Bring fresh and exciting perspectives to how they plan their career.
Find creative ways to overcome challenges.
Move into action with dynamic decision-making.
Keep sight of the “BIG PICTURE” and make decisions that align with values and meaningful goals.
Develop a healthy, fulfilling and joyful balance between work and home life.
Find ways to work in a vibrant and productive manner and reduce stress and risk of burnout.
Become a more “mindful” and compassionate leader.
Develop a compelling vision for others to follow.
Communicate more effectively with employees, colleagues and teams.
Find ways to approach and solve problems more creatively and strategically.
Jackie has over 20 years experience in both clinical and academic settings. She trained in both Family Practice and Preventive Medicine and practiced for several years in general practice and urgent care. She is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine. She has raised three children along with her surgeon husband and also a motley crew of pets. The experience and knowledge of her own career and life transformations inspire her to work with other physicians as they explore their own dreams and opportunities. Please contact her at or go to her website to learn more.

Design A Career for Impact not Hours

  We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.                                                                                                                                 Albert Einstein You have invested years of yo......
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Women Physicians Shaping Their Future

Women Physicians Shaping Their Future
Skills to meet the changing, challenging world of medicine today  Shape Verb “Give a particular shape or form to” “Determine the nature of; have a great influence on” --Oxford Dictionary   Take a moment to pause. To just sit. To simply breathe. A cool inbreath, A warm outbreath. A moment to just be.  Embrace for a moment the possibility and power of “shaping” your future. Imagine a life and career that you can mold to resonate with your deepest held values and aspirations. Savor the thrill of connecting once more to your dreams and living and working with inspi......
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