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Lecturio is a leading international eLearning platform for medical video education, serving students as well as universities and medical institutions.
Martin Schlichte founded his first company when he was 17 years old—it gave him the means to finance his university studies at Mannheim University and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). Immediately after graduating in 2008, Martin founded the e-learning startup Lecturio and continues to be its CEO. With a current staff of around 100 employees, Lecturio has developed into one of the most successful e-learning companies in Europe. Furthermore, since 2016, Lecturio.com provides users worldwide with a comprehensive, theoretical medical education with lecturers from Harvard and other Ivy League universities.

E-learning in Medical Studies

E-learning in Medical Studies
Every medical student knows that it’s almost impossible to learn all exam-relevant material simply by attending class. Students need additional learning resources in order to be appropriately prepared for their exams. For this purpose, books are the oldest of all sources and are still an invaluable resource for every learner. Today e-learning content has become an important, almost essential, additional resource for medical students worldwide. E-learning is a broad, vague, concept. Which is why, in the following, I would like to explain how medical students can efficiently and effectively int......
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