When It's All about Survival

Blogging about life balance as a female physician... or lack thereof. There's always hope!
I am a full time radiologist and mother of two young boys. In rare pockets of spare time, I write. Follow my writing at www.facebook.com/nishamehtamd or follow me on Twitter @nishamehtamd.

You Know You're a Female Physician When...

You Know You're a Female Physician When...
1.  You get called ‘nurse’ or 'sweetie' 3x a day, despite your embroidered white coat clearly spelling out “Dr. ___." You love your nurses - but you did put a good amount of time and money into getting your title, and it'd be nice to hear it from time to time!  2.  You can never find a small enough pair of gloves in your procedure rooms.   3.  You are looking for a 'part time' position which will allow you to work only 40 hours a week. 4.  You wear your hair down for work and everyone asks if you have a date. 5.  You've been asked totally inappropria......
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Why are Female Physicians Scared to be WOMEN?

Why are Female Physicians Scared to be WOMEN?
We all know how hard it is to become a doctor - we give up so much of our youth, our family time, and ourselves to get there.  Women physicians, however, also tend to sacrifice a lot of what makes them feminine.  It sometimes feels like there's an unwritten rule that states that in order to advance professionally, we have to leave our home life at the doors of our offices/hospitals.  Many female physicians will admit to downplaying the importance of their families in their professional lives, for fear that people will take them less seriously. Why is it that we feel this?  ......
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