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Philippa Kennealy is President and founder of The Entrepreneurial MD. She is a business advisor, coach and teacher to physicians grappling with the challenges of launching, building or growing their own successful practices or businesses.

She is a board-certified Family Physician who left her own private practice in 1996 to embark on an administrative career as first Medical Director and then CEO of UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. Subsequently, she served as Executive VP in two internet start-up companies, before launching her first coaching and speaking business, Oya Consulting.

Philippa is passionate about professional development for physicians that permits them to reinvigorate their careers and overcome burnout. As reported to her repeatedly, physicians long for more control over their lives. She believes that entrepreneurship is one way to reintroduce physicians to their own creativity and resourcefulness. Her experience of working with physicians has shown her that, with encouragement, a belief in their own abilities, and a pragmatic approach, they are highly capable of making their inventive ideas a reality. They are, after all, a hard-working, dedicated, smart group of people!

Are you "phobic" about marketing your medical practice or physician business?

Physician marketing sucks! At least, that's what my clients and other physicians tell me repeatedly. I take that to mean one of two things. Either having to market as a physician business owner is a very distasteful activity, or the marketing skills of a physician business owners are severely lacking. Or both! One on-line thesaurus offers these synonyms and related words, amongst others, for "Marketing": - commercialize, cheapen, bargain, barter, merchandise, advertise, display… It's no wonder you cringe at the idea or of having to market your medical practice or physician business......
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A physician quits medicine - Maggie Kozel MD's "The Color of Atmosphere" reviewed

I had the privilege of receiving from Chelsea Green Publishing a galley copy of Dr. Maggie Kozel's "The Color of Atmosphere: One Doctor's Journey In and Out of Medicine" prior to publication, and was finally able to sequester myself this weekend and read it. I had originally planned to "skim read" the chapters, to get the gist of the story and write a review. Instead, from the first chapter, beyond a typical blah-blah-blah introduction (you know, the kind that tells you all you need to know about the book's grand premise), I was hooked. Kozel hailed from a dysfunctional alcoho......
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Taking the pulse of your medical practice -- in several parts

This series is geared towards physicians in practice, who have a nagging feeling they aren't being as business-like as they should, or want to! Last week, we began this analysis with 10 Questions to answer about your medical practice, as a business. Now let's focus on your medical practice governance. Boring, but essential to clarify so that you can answer questions like: who is/are the managing partner(s)? how will this person or these people be compensated for this "administrative time"? what will be the extent of their authority for decision-making? who will establish and oversee th......
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A working physician mom touches the texture of her days

I’m one month into my redesigned life as a physician mom and simultaneous physician business owner who traded in a nanny for an online business manager. As each day passes, I feel myself reaching out more and more to touch and stroke the textures of my life. There is the start to the morning – a brief lie-in as I catch the news headlines and drink the welcome cup of tea brought to my bedside by my dear husband who knows I can’t open my eyes until that first sip. As I lie enshrouded in semi-sleep and the warmth of the winter sheets, I keep hoping my eight-year-old daughter will jo......
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How do you know when your medial practice or business needs a kick in the butt?

At some stage in its "life cycle", every medical practice or physician-owned business starts to spin its wheels, either because there isn't enough business, or the patients or clients are showing dissatisfaction, or there’s way too much business and things are bogging down. Ideally, we the business owners can spot this coming and have a plan in place for taking action. More often than not, we're caught unawares, and we find ourselves frantically trying to put things right with disgruntled clients, patients, colleagues and/or employees. Or coping with a feeling of pressure in the chest......
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Is it time to get on the Internet-as-marketing-tool wagon again?

As a huge proponent of executing a consistent marketing plan for an entrepreneurial physician business venture or even a medical practice (especially with regular blogging), I've been a poor example recently! By now, some of you know just how important the Internet, and specifically blogging, has been to the growth of my business, as I have shared the story with you on several occasions. And just like many businesses and even medical practices do at some point in their life cycle, my physician coaching business experienced growing pains last year. I found myself getting stuck on the ......
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Physician business marketing is critical - straight from the horse's mouth!

Wanna get insights straight from the horse's mouth - a physician business owner who writes about successful marketing of a physician business (or perhaps in your case, a medical practice)? Some of you have medical practices you are wanting to get off the ground or grow, while others of you have moved on to non-clinical businesses and are discovering just challenging it is to get traction with new business and generating revenues - correct?? Once in a while, I receive an e-mail from a colleague that is such a gem that I am compelled to share it with you, with the permission of the e-m......
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Balancing work and mommyhood - The Entrepreneurial MD goes nannyless

I started the New Year in a whole new mode - no more regular nanny! This is a big step for me, as I have pretty much had a nanny working full-time since my daughter was three weeks old. These have been busy years, birthing and then raising a child and a business at the same time. As my daughter neared her eighth birthday, and we faced the decision of hiring yet another full-time nanny, I acknowledged the ache I’ve been feeling at how fast my daughter’s childhood is passing. Where did the last eight years go? At first ambivalent, and then with excitement and enthusiasm, I made the dec......
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Resolve to make medical practice marketing your key New Year's skill

Medical practices are facing momentous decisions - to join the en masse migration to being part of larger groups, multispecialty entities or corporate entities, or to fly "solo" as stand-alone small businesses. For many "acronym" reasons (AHCAA, ACOs, EMRs, etc), the pressure is on! What decisions do you and your medical practice have to confront as you glide into 2011? Are you throwing in the towel and finding a handsome suitor with pockets deeper than yours? Or are you stubbornly resisting the urge to merge and looking instead for ways to thrive in 2011? If it's the latter, I b......
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When motherhood calls, what's a working gal doc to do?

Ever since my pregnancy a little over eight years ago, I have been working as a business and career coach to physicians and healthcare folks … and taking my professional role very seriously. Despite having a home office and theoretical complete control over my working hours, I have worked full-time and used the services of nannies and au pairs to help raise my daughter and manage our household. And that’s not including some help from a housekeeper and a gardener. Yes, it has been a good professional life with plenty of balance… and yet something has been missing. It finally dawned on me ......
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Physician burnout & physician happiness - 2 sides of the career coin

The Entrepreneurial MD's November newsletter tackles the issue of physician burnout, and finding happiness at work. Here's an extract from the full article: As many of you know by now, I have long been fascinated by the subject of happiness – what it is, how we find it, how we create it – and especially happiness at work. So my eye is always caught by anecdotes and information in which there is an absence of happiness, or a secret to finding it! I was recently alerted to a new study published in the November issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, titled "Surgeon Distress......
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Physician coach's "Top Ten Tips" for a successful physician career transition

As much as I love working with entrepreneurial physicians, I recognize that many physicians plan to transition out of clinical practice into non-clinical careers that don't include starting their own business. Yes, many fantasize about being their own boss, with all the tantalizing flexibility and autonomy. However, the realities of a drop in income, lack of time, and lack of business knowledge and experience wreak havoc with their dreams. And Fear doesn't hesitate to show its pinched face too! Instead, these doctors who are hungry for a change in direction seek out new physician care......
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Integrity – a magic ingredient for entrepreneurial physician success

'Tis the season for sleaze! I can barely watch my television as we head into the final month prior to the elections. I'm horrified by the stories of bigotry and intolerance that are surfacing in the media. I'm cynical about so much that passes for "big business". And yet I've had occasion to experience professional interactions recently that have sparkled with integrity. One in particular has been characterized by trust and honor. In this relationship, I have no way of tracking whether promises are kept. And yet my colleague, whom I now consider a real friend, has displayed solid integ......
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What's the ideal work day for women physicians leaving medical practice?

A physician coach wonders what the work options are for women physicians who quit clinical practice...
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Physicians considering a career change need to figure out their "disruptive" skills

As the recent SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference weekend fades away from my consciousness, I continue mulling over just what it takes to go from doc in full-time medical practice to a non-clinical physician role in which you are deploying skills that are either new or being tweaked to provide value in fresh new work places. Or to go from stay-at-home physician mom to someone who is ready to get back into the work place. I am so often told "I could never do anything else -- all I know is medicine." And then comes the inevitable comment "Maybe I should go to business school and get my MBA......
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When overwhelm becomes the norm for physician moms

9-13-10overwhelmedWarning - this is a "peek inside my brain" post. I am an overwhelmed physician entrepreneur and mom at present! In the course of establishing and growing a business, of whatever kind, there come spells in which everything seems to pile up at once. It's an experience that frazzles the nerves, makes one want to run away from the job, and turns one into a grump to live with. With back-to-school tensions running high (my daughter's), a computer that went on the fritz for 4 days, two upcoming presentations, creating a new program, and being in the midst of a long hard look at where I want t......
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