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The Trinity School of Medicine blog, a CAAM-HP accredited school, offers regular updates on the school with leading-edge, knowledgeable information on our academics and admissions.
Stacy Meyer heads admissions and communication efforts for Trinity School of Medicine, overseeing the recruiting, admissions, and enrollment processes. As the communications lead, Ms. Meyer articulates the mission, vision, and advantages of Trinity's MD program, helping students, their families, and undergraduate advisers clearly understand what sets Trinity apart from other International medical schools. With her focus on personal engagement, Ms. Meyer drives the delivery of new and useful content, showcasing the value of Trinity, enthusiastically seeking smart, driven, passionate people who strive to become physicians. Ms. Meyer has a degree in marketing communications from Boston College and joined Trinity in 2009.

Selecting a Residency Program in Line with Your Clinical Knowledge & Skills

Selecting a Residency Program in Line with Your Clinical Knowledge & Skills
Some prospective medical professionals know exactly where they wish to specialize before they even begin med school. Others are drawn to a number of specialties and have a harder time picking a residency program that will fit them. If you are still unsure what path you wish to take, keep the following in mind. Ask yourself which of your skills you value the most. How do they fit in with the residency programs and specialties you are considering? Skills that range from a high level of manual dexterity to a high level of emotional intelligence to a knack for problem solving can give you ideas w......
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How to Best Balance Med School & Parenting

How to Best Balance Med School & Parenting
No matter their jobs or ambitions, nearly all parents need to work hard to maintain work/life balance. This can be even more difficult when working to balance parenting with the demands of medical school. The good news is, many parents have taken on the challenge before and managed to take care of children while pursuing their education. Here are a few of the tips that have helped many moms make it work: Create a solid support system. Many parents have or raise children while pursuing their education. Find the people in your classes who are also parents. You can share stories, help one anoth......
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