The Stress Free Mom MD: Avoid Burnout & Create A Life YOU Design

The Stress Free Mom MD empowers women physicians and Dr. Mommies to achieve and maintain balance in their life so that she be the best she can for herself and the ones she cares about (including her patients). Dr. Clairborne writes this blog to empower Dr. Moms to create a life by THEIR design.. a life that you look forward to waking up to every day!
Maiysha Clairborne MD is an integrative medicine physician and physician wellness coach who blogs at, and is the author of The Wellness Blueprint and Eat Your Disease Away.

Physician Entrepreneurship: Access to Reclaiming Our Freedom As Physician Moms

  As physician moms, the time of the 40 year physician career is coming to an end. In the old days, we were taught to get through medical school, complete residency, get a good solid job and work your way to retirement at 60 years old. Then you could take your retirement and live “happily ever after”. Being a doctor used to be their whole identity.  Today, however, times have drastically shifted. Working as a physician for 30 years in the current condition of our medical system is unsustainable. Furthermore, we as younger physicians (and especially physician moms and women in medicin......
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How Dr. Mommies can Change the Culture of Medicine

  I have only been in practice for 14 years, but I remember the exact reason for my first experience of burnout. Medicine was rigid, and for good reason as we deal with life or death on a daily basis. However, as I looked out into the working world there was no room for flexibility in the traditional primary care practice.  Complementary medicine was looked down upon.  Wanting to work part time was viewed as laziness. As a woman, there was always more to prove, and wanting a family was not encouraged (even amongst other female doctors).  There was no conversation about work......
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Why Dr. Mommy’s are at Highest Risk for Physician Burnout

WIth the wide awareness of Physician Burnout, it has becoming the catalyst for ongoing research and the implementation of new “pilot projects” in various academic institutions.  However, the research that is being done, is fairly limited when it comes to who really is at highest risk. Studies show that there are several risk factors for burnout including organizational functionality, specialty, age, job satisfaction, work-home conflict, work-life balance, and long work hours.  Additionally, the studies include that gender and race play a part in the increased risk for burnout, howeve......
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Dr. Mommies! How Committed Are We to Our Suffering

There's a saying, "pain is in evitable, but suffering is optional". However, some people thrive inside of complaint.  These people, when presented with potential solutions to the problem, argue and invalidate all possibilities presented. Sounds familiar? Being a physician advocate in the battle to lower physician burnout and prevent suicide in doctors, I am disheartened to see this phenomenon in our community.  While there are front line physicians and even physician leaders) who gladly get on board, looking at and for new solutions to what seems to be an unsolvable problem, many of ......
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Innovative Strategies to Burnout: Physician Coaching & Physician Retreats

free black womanOne of the most memorable times from my family medicine training days, was the annual residency my intern year. It was the year of the World Cup, and a bonding experience that would later save my life.  Being able to be with not only my residency class, but also the faculty in a relaxed and empowering environment brought a sense of safety that allowed me to reach out to one of my classmates less than a year later when I was a pill bottle away from taking my own life.  I was fortunate, as I know physicians who didn’t make it because they felt they didn’t have support.   So m......
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