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Are you ready to make some workflow changes at your medical practice?

There is one medical practice I dread visiting as I am guaranteed a 45 minute wait, worse in winter. As I sit there fuming with impatience, the "medical practice coach" in me is busy critiquing the details of how patients are greeted, how phone calls are handled, how long we are left sitting in the exam room after vitals are taken and how much eye contact is made during our check-in and check-out. All I can say is there's room for improvement! Here's what lousy medical practice workflow looks like (mentally check off anything that applies to your practice): the patient is put on hold f......
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The secrets of effective decision-making

An area that creates some of the greatest "stuckness" in my work of coaching physicians is that of decision-making. My own experience of making up my mind has taught me that the period of analysis, fantasy, wishful thinking, and whatever else goes into decision-making, is fraught with anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Once I've made my decision, I typically feel like a huge burden has been lifted and I'm ready to face the consequences of my choice. I experienced this angst earlier this year when it became apparent that my daughter wasn't thriving at school, and appeared to require a new......
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Hone your leadership skills as a physician business owner

Okay - it's time to talk physician leadership since we're up to Rule # 7 of Bill Murphy Jr's "The Intelligent Entrepreneur" - this Rule is Learn to Lead. The course that had the greatest impact on me during my Masters in Public Health program was "Healthcare Leadership". As we were debating and learning about the skills that good leaders exhibit, it struck me that we physicians had very little training in what it took to be effective as the person in commanisd of the show. Shortly thereafter, in my role as Medical Director of our local hospital, I campaigned successfully to set up a phy......
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Is the receptionist at your medical practice worth his or her weight in gold?

The value of gold is high right now, so when we're talking about a medical practice receptionist whose worth is equal to that of gold, we're talking about an employee of your practice who is a genuine asset. A recent article in the New York Times celebrated these folks as your "unsung heroes at the front line of patient care." What does this "golden" medical practice receptionist look like, and what does she do to earn such kudos? (I'm defaulting to the feminine as most of the medical receptionists I know seem to be women). Your receptionist is a "touch point" for your medical practice......
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Taking the work out of networking

I was never taught how to network. In fact, the concept was completely alien to me until I began my physician coaching business. Back in 1988, when I joined my medical practice, word was "to grow your practice, you should get to know the other docs by hanging out in the doctor's lounge at the two hospitals that you belong to". So, despite not being much of a coffee drinker, I'd go to the doctors' lounges early in the morning or at lunch and force myself to sit with people and strike up a conversation. Some days it felt awkward or even painful! I didn't know it but I was engaging in "business ......
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