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Physicians leaving medical practice – What’s the next chapter in your story?

A recent dialog on the LinkedIn SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Group page was sparked by this (all names removed): I have retired from medicine after 42 years. I attended SEAK in Chicago and it only served to highlight my dissatisfaction with medicine as a career. I am now a bartender. I am planning to do private duty bartending and uniformed chauffeuring. I think medical care has lost its charm. I started out in trauma and I couldn't get enough of it. I delivered babies, did c-sections and appy's, set bones. It was a gas. But the greed of other doctors for money and time off to the detrimen......
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Is your online physician profile hampering your success?

Calling all wannabe physician entrepreneurs or physician job searchers! When last did you spend any significant money on something without first doing some research on-line? Can't remember? Well, guess what ... that is also true for anything that YOU, as a physician, want to "sell". Be they your services working in another medical practice or a non-clinical physician executive position, or as an entrepreneurial physician with a service or product for your target market! Have a terrific resume? Did a top-notch interview? Got an outstanding website with all the bells and whistles? And y......
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As an entrepreneurial physician, are you lonely at the top?

It's been many months since I wrote about "The Intelligent Entrepreneur", in my quest to share insights from Bill Murphy's fine book describing the 10 rules of successful entrepreneurship. Last time, I highlighted Rule #4, You can't do it alone! I love a paradox, and this next Rule #5, You must do it alone, flies smack in the face of the earlier one. As much as you need the support of a team and the encouragement of family, friends and colleagues, in the end, it's all up to you. In other words, it's lonely at the top! In my Conversations with Trailblazers' Podcast series, I've had the......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 10

This is the final sip of coffee for your soul in the series from Professor Rao, author and creator of the hugely successful "Creativity and Personal Mastery Program". This pithy clip, Your Boss is the FedEx Guy, is a bit harder to get your mind around. It reminds us that even lousy bosses, cranky patients, or hostile colleagues that dump their toxic and frustrating "stuff" on us are merely the Delivery Guys -- handing over the packages of  "bad things", but not in control of your REAL sources of happiness or joy. Enjoyed this? You can catch all prior 9 tips by following links at the bott......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 9

As children, we were raised to care greatly about the opinions of others - Martha Beck calls this part of ourselves our Social Self in her book "Finding Your Own North Star". It's the Social Self's job to help us fit in, belong to ur "tribes" or communcities, and avoid shame and embarrassment. Sadly, our Social Self quickly learns to run the show, and reminds you through constant internal mental chatter how good/bad/superior/inferior you are compared to everyone else. We can no longer hear the message from our Essential Self. This little clip, What are others thinking about you? reminds......
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