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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 8

It is difficult for physicians to buy into the idea of miracles. Our scientific brains rationalize that miracles are for the "believers" and the "faithful" but they have no place in the world of science and medicine. Professor Rao sees something different. What if there really are no coincidences? Or what if we decided to call a coincidence a "Miracle" instead? What would that do for our sense of well-being? Maybe it's true that Miracles Happen Every Day. Go here to access earlier "coffee for the soul" tips from Professor Rao. You'll be able to trace your way back to the first tip by ......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 7

I recently read "The Art of Possibility" by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, and the opening practice in the book (the first of twelve practices to "transform professional and personal life") is called "It's All Invented". In this java jolt today with Tip 7, Professor Rao reminds us that we view the world through egocentric lenses - many of our interpretations of life's experiences and our interactions with people place US at the CENTER as the star in our own drama. What if that experience that you found so frustrating/mean/humiliating/spiteful/hurtful etc really wasn't about you at all? ......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 6

All the current research into happiness demonstrates that experiencing gratitude - naming it, and truly feeling it - contributes substantially to one's sense of happiness. Those who feel grateful also have better health, with better sleep, better mood and lower incidence of depression and anxiety. What are you grateful for? And when you actually pause to enumerate your list, what do you feel? Notice the shift in your body and mind. Try the small exercise in The Power of Shifting your Focus . Catch the earlier clips in this series here. If this series is speaking to you and you are interest......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 5

Ready for your "soul coffee sip" today? How often do you complain that you don't have enough time? Even for the little things in life - the niceties like greeting staff and colleagues? Do you find yourself charging into the hospital or your office radiating the "don't bother me now - I'm a very busy person" attitude? What might be different if you were to slow down just a fraction, generate an authentic smile and listen for a moment to the responses from others? Listen to Time or Attitude - see what it takes to start your day off in an entirely different way! Select here if you misse......
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Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job - Tip 4

How often throughout at day do you think "this is bad", "she is horrible", "oh no, this is NOT GOOD!", "that's terrible"? Probably way more than you realize. In his book, Happiness at Work, Professor Srikumar Rao tells a story about a champion swimmer sidelined by injury at he was training for the US Olympics team. The clincher occurs when what this swimmer had labeled bad, so bad it was almost of disastrous proportions in his mind, became his ultimate advantage when it mattered most! The way we label things, events and people is only as good as our ability to foretell the future! Watc......
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