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5 Tips to Learn Online Martial Arts

Martial arts are known for maintaining self-balance, self-confidence, and positivity in one's body and mind. These arts originate from Japan, and are practiced across the globe since the ancient times. Learning martial arts will keep you focused on your work. It will also help in blood circulation to increase your metabolism. It is important that everyone should learn martial arts especially, women so that they can protect themselves during urgent situations. Online Martial Arts learning can help us in many ways. How would you learn martial arts at home? 1) Choose Your Style First, you sh......
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10 Tips for Properly Educating Your Child About the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Everyone remembers “the talk” with their parents (no, not that one). In some cases, we remember the lack of a talk. During the 1980s and 90s, it was all about DARE classroom presentations. Some parents believe in openly and responsibly drinking in front of their children to model good behavior, others are vigilant about preaching the risks of drug and alcohol use (not to mention abuse), and still others take a don’t-tell-and-hope-the-kids-don’t-ask approach. What really are the best ways to educate kids about drug and alcohol dangers? Start young, and be consistent. Talking about life’s tempt......
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4 Breakthroughs in Women’s Healthcare in the Last 10 Years

Some women can’t fathom a time when mammograms were painful or full body mole mapping wasn’t the norm. For younger women with the Mirena IUD, the thought of having a menstrual cycle might even seem like a distant dream (or nightmare) from their teenaged years. In fact, the recent increased interest in IUDs, particularly the Mirena which is known for often causing menstrual cycles to lighten or disappear completely, was especially regaled as women feared the loss of birth control options with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. However, many of our favorite medical breakthroughs are relative......
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CME Information for 2017

CME Information for 2017
Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs are often required for those with careers in the medical field to maintain a medical license.  Because medical knowledge and technology expands frequently, healthcare workers must keep up to date with the latest innovations in medicine to better serve patients.  CME programs are geared toward specific areas of the medical field and medical professionals must check with their state laws to make sure they are meeting CME requirements for their individual field.              CME prog......
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Doctor comes up with great education plan for her daughter

Doctor comes up with great education plan for her daughter
Sarah Maulden was desperate to find a way to help out her little girl who was having a tremendous amount of anxiety going to school everyday. Sarah's daughter didn’t feel like she fit in and there were kids there making it even harder for her to want to be there. Sarah and her husband are both doctors from Utah. They began searching for another school, but the thought of a private school also caused anxiety for their daughter. Sarah took a leap of faith and signed up for an online school you can do from home. “With the online classes all the material is laid out in a course-by-course breakd......
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Thanks for the article. There really is a lot of flexibility with home school options. Also with roughly 20% of the population hav... Read More
Friday, 28 October 2016 22:24
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