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Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

A ketogenic diet is one that is currently becoming more popular as dieters look for different ways to lose weight reliably and to keep it off. The Keto diet isn’t new – it has been around since the early 1920s – but it has scientific findings behind it.    Here are a few benefits of the keto diet. Counting Calories Isn’t Necessary One of the biggest pains with following a diet plan is that you have to count the calories of every ingredient of all the meals that you put together. When eating out in a restaurant, even a plain Caesar’s salad becomes a challenge to know how many calories......
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How to Help an Addicted Partner Without Enabling Them

Addiction is a difficult subject and circumstance to confront, but it takes on an entirely new level when it happens to someone you love, especially, a significant other. As their partner, you will naturally feel confused, helpless,or frightened at times when your partner isn’t sober. During these vulnerable moments, it is imperative that you remain self-aware of how you treat your partner, do not enable them in any way to continue their addiction, and maintain your composure. Enabling an addict means helping them in a way that prevents them from suffering or understanding the consequence of......
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How to Achieve a Work/Life Balance In a Success-Driven World

We’re always told that balance is the key to just about everything, but we’re also told that multi-tasking is required. The reality is that less than one person of people can actually multi-task. Everyone else is just jumping from one task to another and with limited success. Fortunately, there are habits you can employ to increase balance in your life, and it doesn’t always require a major sacrifice. Remember that balance is about ensuring that you don’t spend too much time in a particular aspect of your life—no matter how healthy it may seem. Obsessing over anything, from relationships to ex......
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4 Tips For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

4 Tips For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions
New Year’s Resolutions: new year, new you! With most of January behind us, this is an excellent time to recommit to a goal we may have missed last year, or set up a new goal so big that if we achieved it, it would blow our minds! Unfortunately, regardless of whether the goal is related to health, relationships, business or personal development, statistics show that by February 15, 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions will have already been quit on. How do you avoid this to ensure success and lasting change? A commitment to a goal that will propel you to the very best versio......
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Tips for Maximizing Workout Benefits as a Mom MD

Tips for Maximizing Workout Benefits as a Mom MD
Moving around is one of the best-documented means of having a positive impact on overall health. For moms juggling a hectic lifestyle, keeping in mind that research has shown 15 minutes a day spent walking can help reduce the risk of nearly every major disease. Understanding some of the most basic aspects of how your body recovers and grows stronger from exercise can help you stay fit while juggling the many challenges of motherhood! The Science of Maximizing Workout Impact Working out is simple enough—understanding how to maximize the benefits of working out can be a bit more difficult. Diet......
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