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State Medical License Applications: Another Burdensome Task for Busy Mom MDs

From the time you first began your application to attend a biomedical science program up until this point your career, it may feel as though filling out tedious paperwork is a requirement for practicing medicine; and in a way, it is. Afterall, in order to practice, you not only have to apply for open positions and hospital credentials but for state medical licenses as well. If you’re about to finish your residency or fellowship program, it’s possible that you have yet to endure the tedious and time consuming process that is applying for a medical license with a state board. As though this tas......
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Consumer Health Digest – The Reliable & Trusted Source for 15 Years and Counting

The unhealthy lifestyle led to several extra pounds, but a far bigger problem was health issues caused by improper diet and lack of physical activity. With minor differences, this happened to the team of enthusiasts that will soon establish Consumer Health Digest in 2003. At the time, they went online in the search for valuable health information but encountered a bunch of spammy websites with sales pitches and inaccurate data. They realized this is something that needs to change. That motivated them to start Consumer Health Digest and create a reputable website that will be truly he......
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Baby Talk: Is Surrogacy An Option?

There is an age-old question of whether or not surrogacy is an option for childless couples. Some are strongly in favor of gestational surrogacy while some argue against it, making references to ‘moral grounds.’ Although unregulated at the federal level, the issue on the legality of surrogacy is dependent on the statute and laws of the respective states. Surrogacy is not prohibited in Arkansas, California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire,  Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or West Virgin......
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Ways to Encourage Your Patients to Make Better Health Choices

Ways to Encourage Your Patients to Make Better Health Choices
One of the most challenging aspects of medical care is helping patients make lasting lifestyle changes. It’s one thing to tell a patient what to do, but another to help them succeed in changing their behavior for the long term. Instead of feeling frustrated about non-compliance, use proven behavioral science techniques to encourage cooperative behavior in your patients. Support your patient and their family when they make positive health care decisions that are consistent with their needs. Try the following steps to impact your patients’ health positively. Therapy techniques will help you beco......
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How To Know If You Have a Failed Hernia Mesh Operation?

How To Know If You Have a Failed Hernia Mesh Operation?
According to studies, hernia repair surgeries are one of the most common surgeries performed worldwide. The United States Food and Drug Administration says that an estimated 2.3 million inpatient abdominal hernia repairs were performed from 2001 to 2010, an estimated 567,000 of which were performed in an emergency. There are several different types of hernia repair surgery. This includes among others, Herniorrhaphy, Hernioplasty, and Herniotomy. The most popular surgery among these is hernioplasty — a hernia repair surgery involving the use of mesh. The most common products used in surg......
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