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A non-clinical career - steps to achieve the success you are seeking

Once in a while, I coach a physician whose journey to a non-clinical career is so smooth, it is nothing short of perfection. I recently enjoyed this opportunity with a physician client who came to me with a one year-long plan to transition from her current clinical role into some kind of non-clinical job whose description she did not yet even have! She had a very clear timeline based on the exit demands of her current clinical position and was ready to get into action. What struck me most about our initial interactions was how realistic her expectations were! After diligently identifying what......
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Customer service that truly sparkles

I am irate. Infuriated. Enraged. Having set aside a full work day (for the second time) to have new office cabinetry and a desk installed (I had to set aside an entire day because this company is unable tell me in advance what time to expect the installers), I have just learned that "someone dropped the ball and they can't come today"! I had also arranged for my computer guy and an ergonomics consultant to be here - so THREE schedules have been impacted by this rotten service. I was about to spend several thousand dollars. So why do they apparently not care about making me happy? The bigger qu......
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Preventing physician burnout - is there a secret recipe? Part 2

Preventing physician burnout Part 1 touched on an increased in pessimism amongst physicians in the United States about the practice of medicine, as well as what's happening inside our brains as we near professional burnout. Now it's time to explore ways to forestall this deadly mental, emotional and physical condition. I have 3 short tips for you today: 1. Do unto yourself as you are preaching to others How often does the irony of your physician counsel to patients strike you? There you sit (or stand, if you're a doctor in a rush) advising patients on exercise, healthy eating, and overall h......
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"The Practicing Mind" -- a primer for physician happiness?

As a recent attendee at the Creativity and Personal Mastery program (CPM) that I have previously written about, I was tickled to receive and read a review copy of "The Practicing Mind" (A) by Thomas Sterner. His book is an active reminder of the value I derived from the program, as it echoes much of the content. It's also foretells the huge payoffs that come with learning how to "practice". What does "practice" really mean? If I were to focus on the intended outcome of this article, I would be thinking about and worrying whether you were going to read it, and how you might act upon it for you......
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Preventing physician burnout - is there a secret recipe? Part 1

The recently published Medscape's Physician Lifestyle Report: 2012 starts to tell the story of what it is to be a physician in the US today, beginning with an overall "happiness" rating.   Approximately 1 in 3 physicians -- both men and women -- rated themselves a 5 and 40% rated themselves a 4 (suggesting "pretty happy"). The average happiness score for physicians who responded was 3.96, which is on the cheerful side but not overwhelmingly happy. When looking at happiness ratings by specialist, the 5 happiest were rheumatologists (4.09), dermatologists (4.05), urologists (4.04), oph......
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