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Use the power of the visual to communicate with your audience

Decoding Your Medical BillsI get sent a lot of content, aimed at physicians, to potentially post on The Entrepreneurial MD Blog and most of it is irrelevant or way too cheesy for the likes of you, dear reader. Once in a while however, something piques my interest as it is thoughtful or provocative. This time it's an "infographic" (contemporary lingo for cool images that are designed to convey information quickly) that caught my eye. The information is largely "duh" for most of my physician readers (although I found some of it interesting) but I offer it to you as a way to stimulate your thinking about the ways in which ......
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Simple SEO strategies are needed for your physician business website

How much business does your physician business website deliver to your door? Do you even know? My first website was admired for its good looks but I can't honestly claim it ever drove a single client to my doorstep. Now, whereas I kinda like how The Entrepreneurial MD looks, that isn't what matters to me any more. How it performs as a relationship- and business-building tool is what really counts. The reason I value this so much is that marketing can be very expensive. Ads, booths at health fairs or conferences, 4-color brochures, even traveling to places to give speaking presentations f......
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Can introverted physicians succeed at networking for success?

When asked about my circuitous physician career and how I have made it happen, I can probably best describe my "strategy" as "opportunistic". What I really mean is that I have always come up short on having a 10-year career plan (it must be the Aquarian in me who rebels against too much structure), and instead have followed my nose and instincts for opportunities that have presented themselves over the years. And no, those opportunities are not just the result of sheer good fortune, although I do feel fortunate. They have arisen as an outgrowth of my ongoing efforts to build and mainta......
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A roadmap to creative thinking for the entrepreneurial physician

As someone who was educated in a very traditional school and then university model, I am envious of my 9-year old daughter's learning opportunity in 3rd grade. Her new school emphasizes project-based learning, social-emotional learning (higher EQ and therefore fewer therapy bills later in life???), group collaboration and multiple path problem-solving, as opposed to the largely unquestioning rote learning I endured. My latest mid-life crisis is manifesting as a quest to foster my own creativity and overcome the inhibitions of my earlier learning experience - reshape my neural pathways......
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The results of an entrepreneurial physician depend on one "must-have" mindset

In all the years of interviewing successful physician entrepreneurs for my Conversations with Trailblazers podcasts, there is one consistent piece of advice that physicians have shared, and this belongs to Bill Murphy Jr's Rule Number 8 in "The Intelligent Entrepreneur: How 3 Harvard Business School graduates learned the 10 rules of successful entrepreneurship". Persist, persevere, prevail. In fact, Chapter 20 of the book opens with this reinforcing quote from President Calvin Coolidge: "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than un......
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