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Book review: "Ingredients of Outliers"

Book review: "Ingredients of Outliers"
With areas of my office piled high with books (I am a "book pack rat"), once in a while I'll come across a good read about which I feel the urge to enthuse here on my blog. "Ingredients of Outliers" is such a book. (I must fully disclose that I was mailed a review copy when I learned of the book via a press release). Written by a multifaceted physician/attorney/entrepreneur, John Shufeldt MD MBA JD, this book is subtitled "A Recipe for Personal Achievement". Naturally, the personal/professional fulfillment and happiness physician coach in me was intrigued!! The term ......
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A necessity for Physician business leaders: Excellent Active Listening skills

A necessity for Physician business leaders: Excellent Active Listening skills
As business-oriented physicians move increasingly into leadership roles, either in your own businesses, or within your organizations, your ability to communicate effectively will become critical. And great communication begins with great listening! Hopefully, as a clinician, you honed the art of listening to your patients. But since we physicians are renowned for interrupting early in a patient visit, and our brains are usually furiously working on diagnosing what is wrong with the patient, it's a fair bet that we are not very good at Active Listening. What is Active Listenin......
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The Queen’s Power: A Leadership Fable

Once there was a powerful African Queen who ruled over a prosperous land. When asked about the source of her power, she gazed at her questioner with a mysterious smile. “That I cannot share with you.” Her land stretched from golden shores to forested mountains. Years before, the plains had been rendered dusty by overgrazing, but they were once again a sea of green crops. Small villages crowded the landscape like spots on a cheetah’s back. They buzzed with chickens scratching and children scampering. The women sang while stripping cornhusks, and the men wove hunting tales and watched their p......
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Physician leadership coach on "Leading Clinicians & Clinicians Leading"

Despite what you may hope, Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes are here to stay and demand heightened physician leadership. As a physician coach working currently with colleagues in various physician leadership training programs, I appreciate that this is no easy skillset for us doctors, who have been trained in the "I'll write the order and tell you what to do" model, to acquire! Here then is a brief summary of a useful NEJM article on physician leadership geared mainly to those physicians who don't have full-time executive or administrative titles but who instea......
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How to eat an elephant ... one spoon at a time

I have never been a fan of group exercise with its hyper-upbeat classes, pounding music and the need to keep up with the gungho crowd. However, a Groupon coupon many months back lured me into a neighborhood Circuit Works and despite it being exactly that (loudly energized), I have discovered a wholly satisfying way to get a workout. At the beginning of the hour (my "elephant"), I feel a sense of dread ... how am I going to endure this long, hard sixty minutes? At the end, I leave with a sweaty inner glow and a sense of accomplishment that surprises me. I now understand how this works. How I am......
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