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Physician Entrepreneurship: Access to Reclaiming Our Freedom As Physician Moms

  As physician moms, the time of the 40 year physician career is coming to an end. In the old days, we were taught to get through medical school, complete residency, get a good solid job and work your way to retirement at 60 years old. Then you could take your retirement and live “happily ever after”. Being a doctor used to be their whole identity.  Today, however, times have drastically shifted. Working as a physician for 30 years in the current condition of our medical system is unsustainable. Furthermore, we as younger physicians (and especially physician moms and women in medicin......
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How Dr. Mommies can Change the Culture of Medicine

  I have only been in practice for 14 years, but I remember the exact reason for my first experience of burnout. Medicine was rigid, and for good reason as we deal with life or death on a daily basis. However, as I looked out into the working world there was no room for flexibility in the traditional primary care practice.  Complementary medicine was looked down upon.  Wanting to work part time was viewed as laziness. As a woman, there was always more to prove, and wanting a family was not encouraged (even amongst other female doctors).  There was no conversation about work......
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Keys to Negotiating a Contract for Female Physicians

Keys to Negotiating a Contract for Female Physicians
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, just under a third of American physicians are women. Even with such widespread representation in the field, women still face unique challenges when compared to their male counterparts. The most well-known issue is the wage gap, but another distinct issue that female physicians encounter involves contract negotiation and review. To better prepare you for meeting these unique challenges, we have outlined the five keys to maximizing your contract value.  Conduct Research Researching your salary range, as well as other benefits you may deserve, is ......
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What You Need to Know About Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy, specifically developed to assist the eyes and brain. It is often a part of the treatment for things like convergence insufficiency, crossed eyes, lazy eye, and certain disabilities related to reading and learning. Often, a learning disability is due to the inability to see well enough to read comfortably. These are the situations where vision therapy can be a great asset to those who were afraid medical science could do nothing more for them and their eyes. Many who see the term "vision therapy" might immediately think of eye exercises, which some......
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A must have trait for entrepreneurs: Perseverance

Despite the earnest commitment I made at the beginning of the year, I have failed so far. Instead of blogging regularly (well, at least once a week!),  I've fallen into the "I'm so busy, I can't find the time" trap. This even though I have blocks of time set aside on my calendar for writing. Time to get back onto that horse and ride again! So, how should I do this? I am fascinated by what it takes for children to succeed in life, since I have a kid and want good things for her. In addition, my clients are seeking great results and wondering how they can create invigorating new careers or busin......
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