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Physician Entrepreneurship: Access to Reclaiming Our Freedom As Physician Moms

  As physician moms, the time of the 40 year physician career is coming to an end. In the old days, we were taught to get through medical school, complete residency, get a good solid job and work your way to retirement at 60 years old. Then you could take your retirement and live “happily ever after”. Being a doctor used to be their whole identity.  Today, however, times have drastically shifted. Working as a physician for 30 years in the current condition of our medical system is unsustainable. Furthermore, we as younger physicians (and especially physician moms and women in medicin......
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MD Moms & Small Business Ideas: Taking Your Time Into Your Own Hands

MD Moms & Small Business Ideas: Taking Your Time Into Your Own Hands
Ever wished that there were more hours in a day? That you’d get paid more the more hours you put in away from your own home? That by some miracle you’ll be able to look after your family and live out your passion for healing others without burning yourself out trying to earn money to look after your family? The miracle you’re looking for is passive income. Passive Income MD (surprise, surprise!) defines this as “income that is not proportional to the time you physically put into acquiring it.” That’s not to say forms of passive income are a racket for easy money, or that they don’t require a l......
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On the Hunt: Mattresses And Back Pains

Enduring back pain throughout the day is commonplace among American adults. Experiencing discomfort throughout the night and waking up in the morning with back pain is widely considered a norm of advanced age. Though there are numerous causes, the low overall quality mattresses have been and continue to be a huge contributing factor to the overall back pain epidemic in America today. There are several aspects to consider in determining whether or not you need a new mattress, and what will work best for you if you do. Here are some surprising factors you need to consider before making such a ma......
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Compare Childcare Costs in Your State

Compare Childcare Costs in Your State
A nanny will cost anywhere from $15 to $25 an hour depending on their expertise and where you live. Au pairs, or live in nannies from another country, average out to be $7.85 an hour for the 45 hours they work a week. Daycares can be comparable in price to getting an au pair, depending on the location and number of children.The main difference in cost between an au pair and daycare is a larger bulk of the childcare costs comes at the beginning of the year to two-year stay with the family. Compare childcare costs in your area with Go Au Pair’s interactive map of average childcare......
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The Coming Effects of Stem Cells on Optometry

As an optical professional, you may have posters adorning your clinic illustrating the eye anatomy or various diseases. However due to recent innovations and breakthroughs in stem cell research for eye care, some of those malady illustrations may become a thing of the past. Through the use of differentiated cells originating from pluripotent stem cells, treatment methods have been able to preserve vision, halt disease progression, or completely restore vision by replacing damaged cells. Here we’ll detail the current direction of research and its effects on the industry:   Combating dege......
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