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Why Does It Happen? I burned out early. I was done being a doctor at the end of fellowship. Although I took a job as a critical care physician, I desperately sought to alter my career somehow. I looked into website development, something I had been good at in high school. I took a few refresher classes on my days off and started coding my own sites. Luckily, my first job out of fellowship accepted many of my schedule demands, such as day shifts only, and after about a year I recovered and remembered why I had loved medicine to begin with. Critical care physicians have the highes......
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I am a practicing full-time physician.  I practice Gynecology & Women's Health, but also subspecialize in hormone balancing, functional medicine and anti-aging. I have titled this post "Accountability" because this is one thing that American's sorely lack, and the current political administration has only added to this dysfunction.  Probably 90% of the women in my practice complain about their weight.  I'm sure this is common for many health practitioners today.  Wel know that the majority of the time, it is not a physiogical, endocrine, hormonal or metabolic issue.&nb......
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Unfortunately, Americans these days would rather be fat with a lousy excuse, than thin with good reason.
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 09:40
Milford Davey
I'm a medical student currently studying in the Middle East. I just wanted to say it's not just an American problem... it's everyw... Read More
Friday, 10 April 2015 16:45
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Put up or shut up

Many people have felt it necessary to comment on my choice of career of late.   One of my own (Dr. Karen Sibert) has published an editorial in the NY Times chastising me and thousands of other women for choosing a balance between work and life. I'd like to set the record straight on something.  I do not have an obligation, moral or otherwise, to work full time as a physician.  I do not "owe" society my life, my happiness, my balance, my being.  I am a better physician when I have some time away to replenish the well.  Today for morning......
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Be afraid.

The powers that be (aka ACGME) have decided that physicians in training are working too many hours at a stretch.  Let me frame this rant with a little history. Back in the time of giants, there were no work hour rules for residents.  100+ hour weeks for months on end was the life of an intern.  It makes sense that perhaps in those times patient safety may have been compromised.  Several years ago, regulations were enacted that limit residents to an 80-hour work week and shifts of no longer than 30 hours at a time, with a recommendation for a period of 5 hours in those shifts for sleep. What ......
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Us vs them

Well, it's happened.  Not that it hasn't happened before to varying degrees, but it's really happened this time.  Today, I inexplicably became "one of them", a stranger somehow on the other side of a what-are-we-going-to-do-with-mom fence.  After spending hours trying to do what seemed the best thing for a patient (and in keeping with her advanced directive which she filled out 3 years ago at the age of 88), I caved and bent to the will of the family.  Nothing too extreme like a central line or intubation, but against my better judgement and medical training, and possibly exposing her to unnec......
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