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Mary Cronk Farrell's 'Pure Grit' Looks at WWII Nurses

Mary Cronk Farrell's 'Pure Grit' Looks at WWII Nurses
March is not only Women's History Month, it's also National Reading Month. So what better way to celebrate the two than with a gripping read about some remarkable women at a crucial time in America's history. Mary Cronk Farrell's Pure Grit: How American World War II Nurses Survived Battle and Prison Camp in the Pacific (Abrams, February 2014) is designated for a third- to seventh-grade audience, but its appeal is much broader. I've talked about this title with parents and grownup friends as well as my own kids, and I simply cannot recommend this book enough. Not only does it detail the harrowi......
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"Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?" A Picture Book for Young Readers

"Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?" A Picture Book for Young Readers
Once upon a time, when my husband was just a little guy, he believed that all doctors were women. That's because his own mom was an MD. So it made perfect sense to him that this was how the world worked. But as we know, that's not the way it was. Medical schools today are graduating women at roughly equal numbers as men. But there was time when simply the idea of a woman aspiring to be a doctor was laughable. With the picture book Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors? The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell (Henry Holt, 2013), Tanya Lee Stone takes readers back in time to see what it was like throug......
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A story untold

The contrast was stark. It had been an unusual day, to be sure. This day did not start with five home visits on the schedule. And yet, here I am driving through the beautiful countryside for miles on end - leaves falling, colors changing almost while they fall.  Nothing but the hum of the road in my ear. In a land too far for radio waves or cell coverage to reach, I round each bend in the road with less and less speed. I am relaxing into the afternoon, a forced slowing to a too-busy day. After the final mile on a freshly graveled road, I turn into what must be the address, albeit u......
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Top 10 Essential Picture Books for Kids and Grownups

As part of August's Picture Book 10 for 10 event launched by the folks at Enjoy and Embrace Learning, I'm offering up my Top 10 list. I thought about doing a rundown of the best books featuring smart dogs or adorable penguins or clever kids wearing tiaras. But what I think might be the most helpful is thus: Top 10 Essential Picture Books Based on hours of reading with a certain trio in my house, the selection process is highly scientific: it is measured on the hilarity factor, the visual umph, and how many times little voices chirped, "Again!" What follows are the Top 10 picture books......
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How is a Mom to wake up to the news this morning and not go raving mad and quit her job and grab onto her children with both arms and hold them endlessly?  Those hapless tornado victims and families in Moore, Oklahoma and in the Plaza Towers Elementary School who took a dead-on direct hit.  How could this happen? By chance, this morning my 12 year old heads off on a school camping trip with an unacceptable 100% chance of thunderstorms in the forecast today which of course only decreases to 60% tomorrow and even the next day.   What are the chances of such a dismal outlook?  I obsessively scan......
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