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do no harm

Gosnell guilty.  Babies everywhere can take a deep breath, knowing their brethren won’t get scissors in the spine.   Three little preemies were born unwanted but born indisputably alive --  but not for long.  He made sure of that, putting scissors in their little necks. So called doctor Gosnell, the man with the $1.8 million dollar a year business was found guilty of multiple murders and will never harm another little neck.  Actually, some of those necks were not so little – one baby breathed for twenty minutes before being stabbed.  Another baby, Gosne......
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Graduation Day With the Appropriate Jitters

With graduation day comes all the jitters, and realization that the real work begins.
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"yes parenting"

Any too-busy-studying-to-worry-but-have-never-have-held-a-baby-clueless new parents out there?  Like me on kid number one (despite being a freshly minted child psychiatrist)? My poor number one kid. When my husband wisely voiced concerns about fitting a baby into our lives, I happily showed him a corner of our one bedroom apartment where the baby would fit perfectly.  And, I meant it.  Fifteen years later, I look at my now six foot two tall number one and recall that he never actually did fit in that corner.  As a baby, the poor colicky baby never left my arms. However, by kid three I thankf......
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The Great Housing Search. . . With a Two-Year-Old

House hunting for a place to live during residency with a toddler in tow.
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Renee Watson's 'Blackbird' Celebrates Harlem Renaissance

Author Renee Watson spotlights lesser-known figure of the Harlem Renaissance with picture book "Harlem's Little Blackbird."
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