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And the shiny wore off

When I was a little girl, I loved nothing more than the shiny trinkets found in the checkout aisle, at the dollar store or in goodie bags at birthday parties. My most treasured possession at age 5 (besides my imaginary pet goat) was a silver colored ring with a fleck of pink colored plastic "stone". It had been given to me by my kindergarten sweetheart. Wanting to protect the ring from loss, theft, meteorites, and my mom I buried it in a shallow grave under the tree in the kindergarten playground. Where it promptly became forgotten. Eventually, I remembered the ring and spent the rest my kind......
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Ben Hatke and His Hero for All Ages, Zita the Spacegirl

Ben Hatke shares the mysteries behind intergalactic hero Zita the Spacegirl, a perfect read for girls and boys.
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Carolyn Crimi on Pugs, Bugs, and What Makes Her Laugh

Carolyn Crimi's latest ruff and tumble read is "Pugs in a Bug," her 13th hilarious picture book.
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My Funny Valentine: Brenda Ferber's 'Yuckiest' Picture Book

Author Brenda Ferber goes straight for the heart with The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever.
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Amy Timberlake Hits the Target With 'One Came Home'

Author Amy Timberlake's interest in birding comes through in her latest middle-grade novel, One Came Home, out this month from Knopf.
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