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Jacqueline Kelly, author, MD, and Newbery Honoree

Jacqueline KellyWhen Newbery season rolls around, we can't help thinking about our favorite books and personal picks. In honor of one of the top prizes in children's literature, we interview Jacqueline Kelly, recipient of a 2010 Newbery Honor for her debut middle-grade novel, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Calpurnia Virginia Tate is one of the most memorable characters to come along in children's literature in years. The only girl out of seven children, Callie Vee, as she is known, spends the sweltering days in her sleepy Texas town down by the river with her grandfather. With the story set in 1899, Callie......
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Day One...

is quickly approaching. The remaining days are filled with squeezing every last glorious drop out of this beautiful late summer, kissing chubby baby cheeks, parading to the park, hiking to waterfalls, exploring our new city, and trying to remember that I do know enough to practice medicine all by myself. For years now I've heard that this transition to Attending is the hardest yet. Of all the transitions in responsibilty throughout medical education, this is it. The proverbial buck, the culmination, the pot at the end of the rainbow. The summit. I suspect that like many other transitions ......
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no Catcher In The Rye

Nothing peeved me more during my training than being accused in my first year of having a "Rescue Fantasy."  Admittedly, the patient involved was a depressed chronic alcoholic with pancreatitis and a dismal liver who exuded sociopathy.  However, I thought "Sure I have a rescue fantasy!  We all should!  We want to save patients.  Otherwise, what are we doing?"   I have ruminated variations on that theme ever since. However, recently a patient loathed my work, and in so doing taught me the flaw in my thinking.  The patient  opposed me every step of our few meetings.   And, I bent myself into pr......
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And the band plays on

Tears course slowly down my face as the marching band approaches the bend.  Soon, the last row will be in sight.  There - the tallest tuba player.  Focusing intently, he is unaware of the tears or my feeble attempt to capture the moment with my outdated camera phone.  The band marches on, their joyfully loud music fading a little as I realize I am standing here in this crowd crying. It is hard to name all the emotions swirling around me in this moment.  Pride for my son's hard work and excellence, joy for being able to share this moment with him, love for the little boy he was, the young man......
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Print Books Never Lose Battery Life at Bedtime

digital bedtime storiesThe  Joan Ganz Cooney Center has come out with some interesting studies about print books and e-books, and their peppy cousin the enhanced e-book. The results, which you can read at Digital Book World, are significant not only for the learning they show among young readers, but also for the perceptions parents have about the way young people read. Look for a complete report on the survey by the end of this summer. There seems to be a bit of a disconnect. One study showed that kids, ranging in age from 3 to 6 years, preferred reading an e-book to a paper book. And it looked at their comprehen......
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