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5 Factors to Determine the Best Drug Addiction Treatment for Women

Every addiction story is different—just like every addict is different. However, there are a few factors that can make a big difference when considering the many available detox and rehab options. For instance, there are major differences in addiction between women and men, which stem from a variety of factors. There are also cultural, racial and ethnic considerations, with some demographics being more prone to addiction than others. Women have one-of-a-kind needs when entering rehab, and choosing a suitable facility is the first step towards a successful life of addiction management. If you ......
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Why Dr. Mommy’s are at Highest Risk for Physician Burnout

WIth the wide awareness of Physician Burnout, it has becoming the catalyst for ongoing research and the implementation of new “pilot projects” in various academic institutions.  However, the research that is being done, is fairly limited when it comes to who really is at highest risk. Studies show that there are several risk factors for burnout including organizational functionality, specialty, age, job satisfaction, work-home conflict, work-life balance, and long work hours.  Additionally, the studies include that gender and race play a part in the increased risk for burnout, howeve......
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8 Tips To Relieve Back and Joint Pain

If you work in an office behind a desk, you may be too familiar with how back pain feels like. The pain can range from slightly hurtful to downright unbearable, and somehow, we continuously put stress on our backs and joints without taking some relief.   Everyone can experience joint and back pain. The issue doesn’t target any age, gender or race. Your joints and back muscles experience wear and tear on a daily basis. It can be due to many different factors but it’s usually coming from strains from your body weight and activity.   Sometimes, the pain can be caused by trauma, tendoni......
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10 Ways to Reduce Your Household Expenses

If you’re in the health and medical industry, sticking to a budget can be tough. You work long hours, your income might be constantly changing, and it can be tough to take care of daily tasks while trying to prioritize household expense reduction. However, no matter how large or small your budget, there are always ways to reduce your household expenses. Start by tackling what you know—how can you utilize your career in the health and medical industry to save money and go a little greener? Consider these ten ways to reduce expenses, save more and be kinder to the earth: Complete regular home e......
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Dr. Mommies! How Committed Are We to Our Suffering

There's a saying, "pain is in evitable, but suffering is optional". However, some people thrive inside of complaint.  These people, when presented with potential solutions to the problem, argue and invalidate all possibilities presented. Sounds familiar? Being a physician advocate in the battle to lower physician burnout and prevent suicide in doctors, I am disheartened to see this phenomenon in our community.  While there are front line physicians and even physician leaders) who gladly get on board, looking at and for new solutions to what seems to be an unsolvable problem, many of ......
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