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Dr. Mommies! How Committed Are We to Our Suffering

There's a saying, "pain is in evitable, but suffering is optional". However, some people thrive inside of complaint.  These people, when presented with potential solutions to the problem, argue and invalidate all possibilities presented. Sounds familiar? Being a physician advocate in the battle to lower physician burnout and prevent suicide in doctors, I am disheartened to see this phenomenon in our community.  While there are front line physicians and even physician leaders) who gladly get on board, looking at and for new solutions to what seems to be an unsolvable problem, many of ......
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10 Tips for Properly Educating Your Child About the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Everyone remembers “the talk” with their parents (no, not that one). In some cases, we remember the lack of a talk. During the 1980s and 90s, it was all about DARE classroom presentations. Some parents believe in openly and responsibly drinking in front of their children to model good behavior, others are vigilant about preaching the risks of drug and alcohol use (not to mention abuse), and still others take a don’t-tell-and-hope-the-kids-don’t-ask approach. What really are the best ways to educate kids about drug and alcohol dangers? Start young, and be consistent. Talking about life’s tempt......
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New Jersey Mom Talks Balancing childcare and a Career as a Doctor

New Jersey Mom Talks Balancing childcare and a Career as a Doctor
Carrie Kislin and her husband of New Jersey had five nannies in four years, and the stress of keeping up with them was incredibly difficult for her, and the family. They had a wonderful first nanny for their daughter, but after moving and needing to hire a new nanny, their luck fell flat. Constant anxiety became a theme for Carrie came when the nannies were not dependable. “We had one pulled over multiple times on her way to work, another who was chronically stuck in traffic, and one who claimed her alarm clock didn’t go off due to a power outage.” Keeping a nanny for longer than a year just ......
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Innovative Strategies to Burnout: Physician Coaching & Physician Retreats

free black womanOne of the most memorable times from my family medicine training days, was the annual residency my intern year. It was the year of the World Cup, and a bonding experience that would later save my life.  Being able to be with not only my residency class, but also the faculty in a relaxed and empowering environment brought a sense of safety that allowed me to reach out to one of my classmates less than a year later when I was a pill bottle away from taking my own life.  I was fortunate, as I know physicians who didn’t make it because they felt they didn’t have support.   So m......
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CME Information for 2017

CME Information for 2017
Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs are often required for those with careers in the medical field to maintain a medical license.  Because medical knowledge and technology expands frequently, healthcare workers must keep up to date with the latest innovations in medicine to better serve patients.  CME programs are geared toward specific areas of the medical field and medical professionals must check with their state laws to make sure they are meeting CME requirements for their individual field.              CME prog......
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