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It hurts so good

I've come to the conclusion that internal medicine residency is precisely 273 days too long. Yes, there is more to learn. At this point in training, however, the protective womb of attendings can start to become a bit suffocating. Like the last month of pregnancy, the end of residency is perhaps meant to be painful in some ways - it does make a person really really want it to be over, therefore making the pain of transition a little less. By now, many of my classmates have decided exactly what they will be doing 274 days from now. I'm still having a bit of an identity crisis, and every time ......
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Simple favors

Today, in an effort to make more than we spend for once, I started working extra shifts for a company who does social security disability exams. I do not decide whether a claimant is disabled, I merely compile the history and physical exam so that someone else who will never see the claimant can make the decision. It was an interesting day, and some of the claimants had been waiting months for their exam. I have just a few thoughts for everyone out there needing objective documentation of the functional limitations they have which may qualify them for federal funding. Please, when you show......
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juice box days

Today just as I grew annoyed picking up the endless pile of juice boxes that seem to multiply in my car's depths, it dawned on me.  No more sippy cups.  I have long ago out-grown the days of sippy cups. I hated them.  Why could I never find the correct sippy cup valve anyway?  And, how many long lost sippy cups did I find over the years with a potently smelling mixture inside?  No matter how much I scrubbed those cups I could not get out the smell.    I am glad to be done with them.  But where did sippy cup days go? And, as I reflected further -- I realized more items have quietly slipped aw......
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What Pottermore Spells for Readers, Writers

J.K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling's announcement yesterday that will be the clearinghouse for all things wizardly has been met with mixed response. The Washington Post yawned. Publisher's Weekly said it's "not a gamechanger." Pottermore will offer games along with more writing around Harry, wands, and other aspects of the best-selling books. So what? Well, for readers, writers, and illustrators, this news is magical. And here's why: It opens the ebook door for younger readers. Currently, the YA and adult markets have been swept up by ebook revolution. And the introduction of picture book apps has ......
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over-scheduling our kids

As high achieving moms, many mom docs are prone to push their kids hard.  Daily I struggle to hold myself back from falling victim to this tendency.   Every time I schedule the kids' tennis lessons, I wonder if they shouldn't have just one more lesson?  Should they have a tutor to get ahead in math or Spanish or Something?  An extra class?  Singing lessons? How hard to push?  How much to schedule? David Brooks' NYTimes opinion piece reminds me to slow down and to let the poor tortured kids slow down too.  Brooks points out that college grads need to be able to explore and to find their own pa......
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