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feel less guilty when you travel

My six year old's newest obsession is   The website provides a little picture of the chosen specific airplane (you just plug in airlines & flight number) with its exact location shown on a map plus planned flight path plus flight time countdown.  What an amazing way for a child to feel a little more connected to you, even when you are in the sky and unreachable.  Plus, it can't hurt the geography education.

My little one is utterly charmed by this one.  Enjoy.
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dear 16 year old me

This you tube spot to raise awareness for melanoma is fantastic.   Please re-post wherever you can.    I wonder if everyone who sees the video posts it, how many lives can be saved.   Admittedly, I feel strongly about this one.  My beautiful little girl when just 4 years old had two surgeries on her face for a lesion that many considered melanoma.  She is fine years later now, but the word melanoma still makes it hard to catch my breath.  Take a look.  Take care....
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On princesses

I met a woman today in line while selling back used books.  This is quite the environment to meet someone in.  It's surprisingly personal to unload boxes of books, presenting little pieces of your life to complete strangers in exchange for money.  I'll have to admit that the $27 cash I walked out with was about 0.01% of the once-upon-a-time "value" of those books, but the happiness of not having those boxes in the place-where-we-used-to-keep-our-cars was worth a lot more than that. Anyway, this woman somehow started telling me about the sheer lack of princesses in her life.  She has proudly r......
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Nosy Crow on apps, print books, and the wisdom to know the difference

Children's picture book publisher and app producer Nosy Crow is fresh on the publishing scene. Top Crow Kate Wilson shares her thoughts on children's literature, reading, The Gruffalo, and more.
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doctors matter

So another April 30th is almost over.  One hour and thirty-seven minutes left.  I can almost breathe again. I find the emotional weight of anniversaries  -- both good and bad ones -- amazing.  April 30th is a bad one here.  Cancer.  I wonder if most doctors are aware of the emotional havoc medical illness plays with a life?  It might be hard to see as most patients do not wear fear or need on their faces.   I wonder how many doctors know what comfort they can offer beyond the technical medical care?  Or, how much this matters? Par for the course for April 30th, my father after days of excruc......
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