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is sugar toxic?

For the few mom docs out there who missed the NY Times magazine last week, Taubes' intriguing article on sugar is well worth a read.  Of course the article does include a big flaw.  Its timing is dreadful.   My kids will have a decided lack of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies on Sunday.
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Loud Crow on Apps, Kirkus Stars, and the Digital Frontier

Going to Bed mugshotLoud Crow Interactive, the digital book publisher based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, has just three apps under its belt, but already it's one to watch. Founded by a group of former video game developers with more than 30 years of experience in interactive media, it brings the most engaging elements of gaming to electronic books. And its collaboration with Sandra Boynton to bring her beloved stories to life for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch guarantees Loud Crow will be regulars in the No. 1 spot at the App Store. DotMomming checked in with Loud Crow's CEO and Founder Calvin Wang about ap......
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Kids Apps: Ruckus Media's Rick Richter on Reading

Rick Richter of Ruckus Media discusses children's apps and books.
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robin mom

As I walk down the hall of my children's school and see the photos of distinguished alumni lining the walls with accomplishments listed under them, I fantasize. How would I like to be remembered?  Gradually it dawns on me that at this moment my dreamed of accomplishment is far less grand than those listed.   I imagine under my photo a term no one would understand.  I'd like the words "robin mom." There have been vigorous debates on the best parenting style lately amongst the mothers, stirred up by the "Why Chinese Mothers are Better" article by Amy Chua.  Ms. Chua recommends her brand of tige......
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The machine

Healthcare is a machine.  A giant machine with a thousand parts.  Sometimes the machine is efficient, well maintained, oiled, and produces a product that will withstand the test of time.  Other times the machine is missing parts, hasn't been stroked by the loving hands of a caregiver in years, or churns out partial pieces of the final product. I have spent years living in the machine, a small pixel in a big picture.  I try to be efficient and not be the rate limiting step.  I try to make sure the patient comes first do whatever possible to lessen the load a little or to brighten their day.  E......
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