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The contrast was almost unbearable that fall.   I was medical director at an eating disorders program.  Dr. LeGrange's superb program helped so many young women suffering from anorexia nervosa.  However, some were hard to help.  Some loved the skinniness.  Some found it beautiful.  And, no amount of skinniness was ever enough.  First baby fat was lost.  Next the rest of the fat was lost.  Later menses were lost.  Eventually, health was lost.  I never saw a life lost, but of course sadly many are. After those clinics, I drove an hour north to a different kind of starvation.  I was watching the......
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nutrition services

I miss nutrition services.  Which is to say I miss the daily voice AND emails from nutrition services.  And I quote: "This is a message from nutrition services.  A child in your household by the name of teenage boy has a negative school lunch balance in the amount of two dollars and thirty five cents.  blah blah blah idle threats here" After nearly three months of voice mails and emails, teenage boy has *finally* remembered to turn in the checks we gave him.  I wanted to write a check for two dollars and thirty four cents, but Honey wouldn't let me. Someday, it'll be Sallie Mae calling.  An......
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some days you're the totter

or is it the teeter that's on the bottom? I'm on elective and should be reveling in the time I have away from work and sewing my fingers off.   While I am enjoying down time away from emotionally and sucking-the-hours-out-of-your-week draining rotations, I'm struggling personally.  I find myself at a complete impasse with my internal career decision pathway and overwhelmed with the possibilities (what a problem, eh?).   And honey isn't convinced we especially need another babe.   And I'm starting to seriously wonder how the hell all of this will be paid for.  *see http://benbrownmd.wordpress.......
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A blue-tinged pale face with telling red marks encircling the neck.    I had nothing to do with this patient who I saw during my emergency medicine rotation in med school.  No one in the hospital had much to do with him, actually, as he arrived dead.  DOA.  The young man had hung himself, and the emergency room was a waste of time.  He was long gone. But almost two decades later, he is not long gone from my mind.  Every time a patient reports suicidal ideation, I see his face.   And, my pulse quickens.  I am haunted.  Surrounded by endless tragedies, I don't think those of us in medicine can ......
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How do you know when your medial practice or business needs a kick in the butt?

At some stage in its "life cycle", every medical practice or physician-owned business starts to spin its wheels, either because there isn't enough business, or the patients or clients are showing dissatisfaction, or there’s way too much business and things are bogging down. Ideally, we the business owners can spot this coming and have a plan in place for taking action. More often than not, we're caught unawares, and we find ourselves frantically trying to put things right with disgruntled clients, patients, colleagues and/or employees. Or coping with a feeling of pressure in the chest......
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