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speak up

I'm seething.  A Huffington Post article this week misrepresented a caring, wonderful doctor and her informed perspective.  Most upsetting, the article could endanger young anorexic women by promoting an inaccurate perspective of their treatment needs. By inadequately emphasizing and elucidating the medical perspective, the article is dismally skewed.  The article implies that firm limits and aggressive treatment of anorexic college women during acute illness is somehow mismanagement.  That psychology is not adequately addressed.  This perspective could not be more misguided.  Of course, the ......
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Balancing work and mommyhood - The Entrepreneurial MD goes nannyless

I started the New Year in a whole new mode - no more regular nanny! This is a big step for me, as I have pretty much had a nanny working full-time since my daughter was three weeks old. These have been busy years, birthing and then raising a child and a business at the same time. As my daughter neared her eighth birthday, and we faced the decision of hiring yet another full-time nanny, I acknowledged the ache I’ve been feeling at how fast my daughter’s childhood is passing. Where did the last eight years go? At first ambivalent, and then with excitement and enthusiasm, I made the dec......
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kid translations

So visiting the pediatric GI doc, my five year old never turned around to face the doctor.  He silently kneeled on the chair and stared out the window throughout the interview.  Admittedly, there was a lovely view of downtown. The level of miscommunication and misunderstanding which can occur even with good docs, soon became clear.  The gastroenterologist's questioning began to evidence a real concern with developmental level.  Finally, after having had not one answer from the little guy directly, she turned to me and asked if he was potty trained at all. I laughed and tried to explain that ......
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I know that despite my best efforts, I only hear the tip of the iceberg around my patients' struggles.  So much simply is so hard to share. I wonder if those in other medical specialities are also constantly struggling to understand not only what is said -- but what remains unsaid.  It seems translations would help. So, here I offer a couple of my proposed translations.  This time  for the oncology clinic.  This attempt is dedicated to all of the oncologists out there, including mine.  And, by the way, I would love to hear others' translations, so please share if you have some. Translations......
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the wake of illness

I'm increasingly aware that my clients often spend as much time and energy dealing with the wake mental illness creates, as they do with the illness its self to begin with.  I work with a lovely group of clients who fight hard to feel better whether coping with life issues, developmental issues, anxiety disorders or mood disorders.  And, time and time again -- they do get better. Unfortunately, when finally "all better" though, life so often just isn't all better too.  Then, they have to contend with that wide and long wake that illness creates.  Those broken things that didn't get tended to ......
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