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the wake of illness

I'm increasingly aware that my clients often spend as much time and energy dealing with the wake mental illness creates, as they do with the illness its self to begin with.  I work with a lovely group of clients who fight hard to feel better whether coping with life issues, developmental issues, anxiety disorders or mood disorders.  And, time and time again -- they do get better. Unfortunately, when finally "all better" though, life so often just isn't all better too.  Then, they have to contend with that wide and long wake that illness creates.  Those broken things that didn't get tended to ......
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Physicians considering a career change need to figure out their "disruptive" skills

As the recent SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference weekend fades away from my consciousness, I continue mulling over just what it takes to go from doc in full-time medical practice to a non-clinical physician role in which you are deploying skills that are either new or being tweaked to provide value in fresh new work places. Or to go from stay-at-home physician mom to someone who is ready to get back into the work place. I am so often told "I could never do anything else -- all I know is medicine." And then comes the inevitable comment "Maybe I should go to business school and get my MBA......
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Listen up, kids

My best advice to anyone younger than I am?  Do not under any circumstance allow yourself to get out of shape.  Continue to invest time and effort in yourself - some day you will be very glad you did.  Say, for example, when your co-residents convince you to play indoor soccer. I did play soccer once upon a time, from age 4 with Dad coaching up to playing (briefly) in undergrad on a NCAA team.  When I quit the college team (a story for another time), I hung up my cleats "for a while".  17 (that's seven more than ten) years later, I found myself on in indoor field tonight 40+ pounds overweight......
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no comment

I do not like outpatient medicine.  I didn't like it coming into residency, and my experience thus far has only reaffirmed my distaste.  I do not like it in a boat, I do not like it with a goat.  It is no mystery to me why thousands of my colleagues are fleeing from the thought of primary care.  We had little exposure to it in medical school, and the disjointed, frustrating, and limited experience of outpt in residency does not leave me wanting more.  Having 4 hours of clinic in the middle of an 80 hour week in the ICU or on wards sucks.  Period. I am reading a terrific book right now - Outli......
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Just right?

First shift in the ED today - wasn't that busy, and overall enjoyable.  Nice to forget about all those pesky chronic medical problems for a while and focus on acute issues.  No fireworks injuries, but I left at 6 so probably before all that.  This is a nice month, 8 days off!!!  Including a 3 day weekend.  And this, after just having had an entire week off.  I'm doing some moonlighting this month, which should be fun too.  I think I could get used to this R2 business :) We've been looking at house porn again (not my phrase to coin, stolen from a co-intern).  Although I love our house and it's......
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