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The summer after med school (1 whole year ago) I packed up the girls (aged 2 and 6 months at the time) into our new-to-us-and-has-a-dvd-player minivan and drove 687 miles to visit my parents, planning a one day drive.   By myself.   I had decided to start sewing, so I packed up my new collection of cute material and patterns for little girl dresses  and headed out to "borrow my mom's sewing machine" (aka visit gma and learn how to sew).  I wanted to surprise my mom so I didn't tell her we were coming.  Dad was in on it. We stopped 4 times in the first hour.  It was a harbinger of things to co......
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one out of eight of you

Wow.  If women compose the readership of this website, one out of eight MomMD readers will go through something like what I went through last year.   A breast cancer diagnosis.  Mind-boggling numbers.  Therefore, I thought my story re finding my cancer might  be especially relevant to this readership and hopefully might help some of you to pick it up early.  Which is, of course, absolutely key.  Feel free to read my story here. And, if you are already in that one out of eight camp, I'm so sorry.  I think being a Mom doc oncology patient is an especially difficult role.   The dangers of way, w......
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e-maternity leave

I wrote a letter to the editor on "e-maternity leave" long ago.  As the baby from that leave is now almost 10 years old, this was published a while ago.  However, I thought it might still be relevant for some MomMD readers (especially private practice psychiatrists) and so am linking to it here.

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a painful reminder

Sometimes it's hard to be a doctor, and even harder to be a friend. I got a phone call from a med school friend yesterday asking me to stop by and say Hi to her mom who was being admitted for back pain. My friend's in the middle of moving for residency and couldn't be here in person. This morning there was a code blue - I heard later it was a young lady admitted for back pain. She didn't make it. It was my friend's mom. We don't know what happened, and I don't know how to help my friend, who's moving across the country and is pulled over on the side of the road in shock. I do know I just got......
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It turns out I'm a bad patient. One who may even be fired. I just received a not-so-friendly reminder from my dentist that my family is 3 months overdue for our 6 month check up. The letter encouraged me to schedule appts ASAP for the health of our teeth and suggested that they aren't so much interested in continuing a relationship with people who can't/won't do so.Before I called their office today and quit (as a family of 5), I decided to sleep on it. It seems they have a new front office employee who may not know about our particular situation. She may not know that I finally got a haircut ......
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