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medical advice conundrum

During my journey with cancer last year, I leaned on the medical advice from doctors who were friends, family and friends of family.  I am endlessly grateful for the input which guided my every step. But  when loved ones ask me for professional advice, I increasingly become baffled.  I long to pass on similar generous assistance and to share information that is the bread and butter of my clinical days.   Moreover, I have no problem discussing the subjects that fascinate me endlessly. However, sharing psychiatric input with friends and family hasn't proven simple for me, a......
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when to have kids?

So as I finished up residency and the three decade mark was closing in, it finally crossed my mind to vaguely consider having kids. My supervisor at the time -- a warm, brilliant, inspiring mother and psychiatrist Dr. P -- suggested I wait until I had established my career further.  She noted that while she couldn't imagine having had kids at a later age (as then she would have had different kids), that her career would have benefitted from waiting a while longer.  She suggested how at a major league hospital like hers, young mother professionals just were not taken quite as serio......
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why MomMD?

So as I sat this morning with the founder of MomMD who has asked me to blog on the MomMD site, I was initially ambivalent.   My blogging has always been professional, right?  I’m just hoping to help some folks.  Why is it relevant that I am a Mom anyway? I’ll give you some background on this one.  When other women joined the American Women’s Association during medical school, I was scornful.  Not because I was not a feminist.  Rather, because I was too much of a feminist and too young and ignorant.  I thought being a woman should be absolutely and completely irrelevant to my chosen profession.......
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Dr. Bremer's brief bio

Dr. Bremer's bio. Child and adult psychiatry. Princeton, U of Chicago, Harvard training. Mom of three.
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